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Delays and Detours

How to Stop Interruptions from Holding Up Your Productivity and Progress

  What’s more damaging to your focus and productivity improvement efforts: ringing phones, new emails, or unexpected visitors at your office door? It’s a trick question. The answer is: None of the above. That’s because none of them are Read more...

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Email Driven

Are You Driving Your Work Day or Just Along for the Ride?

  OK, quick quiz: Who’s in charge of your work day? YOU! That’s right. Now, who’s in charge of all of your other stuff, like tasks, papers, calls and e-mail? Right again… it’s you. And who’s in charge of making decisions? Yep… you! (You’re on a Read more...


What to Do When Fear Gets in The Way of Productivity

  E-mail is pouring in, the phone is ringing, and others are coming to you with requests. You want to be helpful, responsive, and a team player. But lately, you feel like your whole day is being lost to interruptions and “squeaky wheels,” and you’re wondering how to get some time for yourself so you can finally make some Read more...

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Replace Resolutions with Becoming Who You’re Meant to Be

  It’s that time of year again. It’s time for New Year’s Resolutions. You may try each year to make changes and improvements in your health, home, life, relationships, work, and more, but it can soon become frustrating and even overwhelming because of all things you want to fix. Usually, you hear advice about making a Read more...


Smart Choices

7 Essential Steps for Planning and Prioritizing with Confidence

  You’ll be more productive when you make an effort to work more proactively – identifying and capturing all of your tasks and responsibilities, making informed decisions about what to do next (no matter what has recently come up), and negotiating your Read more...

Do Not Disturb

Vanishing Act

Your Productivity Relies on How Well and How Often You Can Disappear

  Many professionals are uncomfortable disappearing for any length of time to get things done for fear of not being responsive or available to others, but this is unreasonable. Unless you’re in a position of customer service all day long, you don’t have Read more...

Sorting Files

Worry-Free Files

What to STOP Doing with Your Files So You Can Save Time in Your Day

  Over the years I’ve worked professionals who had tons of files and those who had almost none. One client referred to her credenza file drawers as “The Black Hole” and had confessed that she hadn’t been in those drawers for about three years. Now Read more...

No Time To Lose

How You’re Turning Your Back on Time and Why It’s Costing You

Staying organized is one of the essential elements for productivity, but many people don't really place a lot of importance on it, even though they want to be more productive and more successful. They don't realize that NOT being more organized is costing them in surprising ways. You've heard the old saying before: "A place for Read more...

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How to Protect Your Productivity from the Unexpected

  “What do you do when a series of emergencies totally ruin your schedule?” It was a question I received from a member of an executive group and if you have the same question, here’s my reply: It’s not the pop-up issues or emergencies that bother me, nor should they bother you too much either - - unless they’re chronic, repeat Read more...

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Work Day Insanity

Doing Things Twice (or More) is a Waste of Time

  Let me ask you a few questions. When you get ready for work in the morning, do you put your pants on twice? When you get to work, do you enter the building, walk out, and then enter again? In the evening, do you cook and eat dinner multiple times? No, of Read more...