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It’s Not What You Think

What I Want You to Know About Your Work Day Productivity Part Two

  Professionals can get stuck in a work day rut using tools and routines that may not be optimal for peak productivity. What they’re doing is not “as good as it gets.” But unfortunately, many professionals don’t know that. For optimal productivity you Read more...

Chaos Order

It’s Not What You Think

What I Want You to Know About Your Work Day Productivity Part One

  For many professionals, chaos and reactivity are ruling their day. Is it that way for you, too? Are you responding to the latest e-mail, despite other priorities waiting in line? Are you taking action from every call, no matter what you were Read more...

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Get Out of the Fog and Into the Clear

What You Need to Know To Be Most Productive

  As a business owner or leader, are you unclear about what you should be doing from day to day in order to really make progress in your job or impact the bottom line of your business? Do you let other people dictate what you’ll work on next? Or let other distractions (like Read more...


Stop the E-mail Madness:

10 Questions to Ask Before You Hit Send – Part 2

  Are you interested in reducing e-mail overload? You can! For yourself and for others by taking the time to think about what you’re typing, who you’re Replying to, and who you Copy. Though we’re all inundated with e-mails daily – and the flow shows no signs of letting Read more...


Stop the E-mail Madness:

10 Questions to Ask Before You Hit Send – Part I

  Do you suffer from e-mail overload?  Get copied on everything under the sun? Have others in your company bombarded the distribution list with too many jokes and “All Company” announcements? Consider another scenario. Do you contribute to e-mail overload for others?  Read more...


What’s Getting in the Way of Your Peak Productivity?

  Have you ever felt guilty about spending too many hours at work instead of spending more time with your family? Have you felt frustrated that your days “expand” to fit in more work, but not the other activities you’d like to enjoy? In a 2010 study by Strategy One, 89% of 1,043 Americans surveyed said that work/life balance Read more...

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E-mail Attraction:

How to Prevail Against the Pull of E-mail

  Does your e-mail have “pull” over you? Do you check your Inbox way more than you should? Some of my clients talk about “living from the Inbox” – reacting to each e-mail as it comes in – and my clients get a lot of e-mail, just like you. In 2008, Basex Research reported that Read more...

Thomas Edisons Menlo Park Complex

Are You a Dynamo?

Thoughts on Thomas Edison and Your Productivity

  “In 1876, Thomas Edison set a goal to have one major invention every six months and one minor invention every 10 days. He came very close to achieving that goal.” Makes me feel like I don’t have enough goals. How about you? Edison’s original laboratory complex is Read more...

Life Preserver Holding Clock

How to Recover Lost Productivity from Your E-mail Inbox

  I recently read some counterproductive, incomplete advice about e-mail management and saving time. The advice was to “…break your e-mail Inbox down into different folders and move the relevant email into that folder.” This person also advised using Outlook Rules to automatically move e-mails into folders as soon as they come Read more...