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How to Protect Your Productivity from the Unexpected

  “What do you do when a series of emergencies totally ruin your schedule?” It was a question I received from a member of an executive group and if you have the same question, here’s my reply: It’s not the pop-up issues or emergencies that bother me, nor should they bother you too much either - - unless they’re chronic, repeat Read more...

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Work Day Insanity

Doing Things Twice (or More) is a Waste of Time

  Let me ask you a few questions. When you get ready for work in the morning, do you put your pants on twice? When you get to work, do you enter the building, walk out, and then enter again? In the evening, do you cook and eat dinner multiple times? No, of Read more...

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Are You Still Waiting?

What You Need to Know About Pending Tasks So You Can Stop Wasting Time and Start Making More Progress

  The advice I read was to create a “Waiting for Response” File to keep track of who owes you a response. It stated that you should review it every few days for outstanding actions you may need to follow up on. What Read more...


“Pre-crastination” and How It Hurts Your Productivity

  Have you heard the new buzz-word? It’s pre-crastination. I started receiving links to recent articles about it from my clients and then I saw it mentioned in Health Magazine. The definition that appeared in Health Magazine (as defined by Psychological Science) was “Hurrying to complete a task as soon as possible just Read more...

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Why Tasks Don’t Belong on Your Calendar

  We have numerous sources of to-dos coming from many different directions. It’s a constant bombardment of e-mail, voice mail and incoming information that lands on the desk. On top of that, new tasks are already sitting around represented on papers and files, in meeting notes and on post-it notes. And then new ideas come from Read more...


Inbox Eraser

3 Steps to Clear Out Your E-mail Inbox So You Can Be More Productive with Your Time

  “There are no items to show in this view.” These are nine of my favorite words that show in my Outlook Inbox when it’s empty. My clients love seeing these words – and all the white space, too – but not all professionals have reached Read more...

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Are You Stuck in Work Day Pinball?

4 Tips to Help You Play and Win the Productive Day Game Part II

  Part I of this article gave you the first two tips to help you become more proactive and more productive in your work day, instead of being reactive, like the little ball that gets bounced around in a pinball machine. Never played pinball? I played a Read more...

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Are You Stuck in Work Day Pinball?

4 Tips to Help You Play and Win the Productive Day Game Part I

  Have you ever played pinball? When I was younger and played with friends, I remember it being such a fun pastime, trying to keep the ball in play for as long as possible and hitting as many different targets for more points without letting the ball go down Read more...

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Memory Malfunction

Tips for Being More Productive without Relying on Your Memory

  Do you ever get interrupted by someone or something and completely forget what you were originally working on or what you were thinking about just seconds before? Some professionals are proud of how well they can rely on their memory, and maybe you’re Read more...


Systems Refresh

5 Easy Steps to Be More Strategic with your Work Day Plans

  Do you agree or disagree with this statement? “Following rigid organizational systems and living life driven by a day planner means you're operating with blinders on.” 1 This is from an old article I saved and recently re-read and I actually agree with Read more...