Productivity Sabotage

4 Real Life (Real Scary) Scenarios that Are Hazardous to Your Work Day

Risk Ahead Are you wondering where you fall on the work day productivity scale? Average? Below average? Above average? If you think you’d answer “Below Average,” you know it doesn’t have to be that way, right?

I find many professionals who think the situation they’re in is “as good as it gets.” That they have to suffer endlessly with the never-empty Inbox, the glut of interruptions, the lack of a great file system, and the multiple paper to-do lists.

Is that what you think too?

If so, it’s not true… and the clients who come to me for help often sense they can improve, but have no idea how great their work day can really be . And it can be g-r-e-a-t!

Today, I’m sharing 4 real life scenarios of clients who’ve discovered they could do better, knew they didn’t have to stay stuck, and because we work together, they know what the possibilities are and how productive their work day can really be.

And by the way, I have a quiz in my Productive Day Success Starter Kit , so if you’d like to find out where you land, take the quiz. And review these snapshots below to see if you’re experiencing the same.

    1. The Tail is Wagging the Dog
      I’ve worked with two company presidents (and many others) who realized they were making decisions about what to do from moment to moment each day by what appeared in their e-mail Inbox. One of them even coined the phrase I now use all the time – “Living from the Inbox” – and a lot of professionals operate this way. This reactivity and lack of a plan is something to avoid if you have goals for your business and you actually want to achieve them.
    2. Finding Your Way Through Foggy Days
      A business owner told me she realized she was operating “in a fog” from day to day without a clear and actionable to-do list – not just a random and incomplete list of things to do on paper, but one that she could keep electronically, including target dates for action. Lack of clarity can be confusing, especially when you’re under pressure to make progress and instead, you end up spinning your wheels and wasting time.
    3. Being the “Hard Copy” King or Queen
      Another business owner realized he couldn’t continue the paper collection he had on his desk. In the many paper piles and files strewn about were dozens of misplaced to-dos, good ideas, reminders, contact information and even a check for $51,200. This is a scenario to avoid because not knowing where everything is or whether you’ve missed an important task or follow up can be costly and cause a lot of uncertainty, anxiety and stress.
    4. Giving Your Time Away
      A lawyer was experiencing a consistent lack of time – and not because others were stealing it, but because she was giving it away. She suffered from too many new projects and clients to take care of when all the prior ones were still waiting for attention and completion. This can be caused by several things: not properly estimating how long it takes to do things, not allowing enough time to do tasks, not leaving enough time to maintain your office and your systems, and saying “yes” far too often. Take care of what you have already before you take on more.

If any of these feel familiar and you want some tips to take these hazards out of your work day , take a look at these two articles – they’re two of my favorites for getting professionals started in the right direction toward productivity and success.

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If you’re ready to take a BIG step in a new direction and really make a transformation in your work day, sign up for your very own personal, private strategy session with me in a Productive Day Power Hour . Let’s talk about what has you held back, fed up, or stressed out and the whole hour will be packed with tips and strategies you can use right away to get you on your way to a new productive work day.

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