Empower your team to
take charge of their work day.

Give them the training they need
to make meaningful progress with their work.

Help them become truly productive.


Are you harnessing the full POWER of your people?

Business owners and leaders,

For employees to maximize time, get more accomplished and get results or impact the company’s bottom line, they need to be trained in best productivity practices. Are your employees trained in productivity? Do your employees they have the best productivity tools, systems and processes to do their best work?

If not, your employees could be…

  • Drowning in a sea of tasks and not sure how to manage them all
  • Losing time looking for information they know they have, but can’t find
  • Missing out on opportunities because they got lost in the shuffle
  • Failing to make progress on strategic plans and business goals

If you would you like to see your organization, department or team boost its collective productivity to achieve its greatest potential, then I’d like to share with you how Taskology® for Teams can help leaders, executives and motivated professionals in small or large groups overcome these challenges through improved management of tasks, time and e-mail; more decisive action; organization of paper, files and e-files; improved planning and prioritizing skills; and much, much more.

This training is based on my proprietary system, Taskology® The Science of Getting Things Done. It’s a proven, time-tested system for getting more accomplished more efficiently in less time with less stress.


“Now I know there’s a better way.”

“When I see what our managers are doing and I hear the same old excuses, I remind them they’ve been given Productive Day training and their excuses don’t hold water anymore.”

Ingrid West, President
Acton Mobile


Take Your Team’s Productivity to New Heights

Consider this. How would your business results improve if…

  • Opportunities were never “lost in the shuffle?”
  • Every employee moved seamlessly from one task to the next?
  • Steady, reliable progress was made on strategic plans and business goals?
  • No one wasted time looking for information they knew they had… somewhere?
  • Last-minute “fire drills” were avoided altogether?
  • Every day was utilized at maximum efficiency?

Research and common sense tell us that when productivity declines, it leads to a measurable drop in results and reduced progress. And it hurts the bottom line, which is exactly what you can’t afford. Support your employees to be more productive, in a way that will lead them to make progress on the work you expect from them.


“There is no better investment that companies can make
than in the education and development of their own people.”

Tony Robbins – life coach, author and motivational speaker

Let’s talk about training.

An article in Inc. Magazine from the Build Network Staff says, “Hiring new talent is both costly and time consuming. According to a 2012 survey of 500 human resources professionals, the average cost to fill a position is nearly $11,000, and it generally takes new employees eight months to become fully productive. But wait, it gets worse: Companies typically lose 23 percent of new employees during their first year on the job. So the time and effort managers spend to hire and train new talent is often wasted. Think of all the resources you could save if you simply worked harder to retain existing staff.”

In today’s competitive, information-driven market, it’s your people who make the real difference. The ones you have now. And as a company leader you must use your team’s collective strengths and talents to the greatest extent possible. This includes helping them stay productive and stay engaged. You can do that by giving them the tools and training they need to truly DELIVER.


“Now I feel in control and less stressed…”

“Before learning Taskology® from Leslie in Taskology® for Teams, my day was ruled by my e-mail.  It was hard to find time to complete the tasks I needed to complete because I was so focused on getting things done for other people. Now I feel like I’m in control and I can update my schedule and task list as necessary so I’m not overwhelmed.

The best thing for me has been learning to move items from Inbox directly into my task list without using the flag.  I no longer have things hanging around in my Inbox for me to complete.  It also frees me up so I don’t have to remember them.  They go right on my task list and I follow up with them on the day I want to do them.

And it’s much easier to stay organized now. Each time I’d get the organizing bug, I’d come up with a new system for files, emails, documents, etc.  Now, I have one system for everything and I don’t have to think about it, it’s just there. I don’t have to worry about starting from scratch with a different system each time and my desk stays clear. I feel less stressed now that I don’t have so much to remember.  I can clear up the clutter and keep what I need on my task list so I don’t worry about forgetting something.”

Brie Henry, Operations Manager
Lakeside Title


Invest in your people with Taskology® for Teams


It’s Efficient
Taskology® for Teams is an 8-week training course, plus monthly coaching, delivered via tele-classes and webinars. Each team member participates from his or her own office and each week participants immediately implement the material, using their own computers, papers, files, tasks, e-mail, etc…  With only one hour of training and one hour of coaching each week, this training program can easily fit into even the busiest professional’s schedule.

It’s Cohesive
Taskology® for Teams covers every aspect of a professional work day, including tasks, time, e-mail, files, information and more. The System brings it all together so participants can ultimately enjoy a Total Productive Work Day. Plus, the training gets every participant on the same working page. With everyone using the same system, company productivity levels rise and engagement increases.

It’s Affordable
There are no added expenses for travel, hotels, meals or lost time and productivity typically related to travel. And the more team members who participate, the lower the cost per person. The training accommodates groups of any size and enrollment bonuses are available!


“I like that you took the concepts you were teaching and applied them to our personal e-mail, tasks, papers, files, etc…That made it so much easier to learn and practice the concepts.”

Cheryl Harris “Leslie,

I absolutely enjoyed the Taskology® for Teams class! The most beneficial part of the training was learning how to use Tasks in Outlook. It helps me get through my day and I’m using it faithfully. I’m also doing a much better job as e-mails come in. I’m putting them on the Task list quickly and then I do a regular review of my list to see what needs to be reprioritized, especially at the end of my day. I really loved the group coaching sessions, too. I like that you took the concepts you were teaching and applied them to our personal e-mail, tasks, papers, files, etc…That made it so much easier to learn and practice the concepts. Having the Taskology binder and the MP3s of each class helped, too, because if I missed a class I could listen or read and catch up before the next class. I highly recommend Taskology® for Teams.”

Cheryl Harris
Regional Director, Client Services, Mid-Atlantic




Your Team will be fully trained and supported in all areas of their work day:

  • Task and priority management
  • Time and calendar management
  • E-document and e-file organization and management
  • E-mail organization, management and processing
  • Paper, file and information organization and management

Participants will learn the steps and skills required to achieve greater productivity, including when to use the steps and why.

Participants will be  shown what to do and how to do it during training calls. They will be given a chance to implement the lessons on their own and then they will be given a change to ask questions, get answers and receive feedback during group coaching calls.

What is learned can be immediately implemented by participants in their work day. The structure of the training series allows for practice and repetition to improve productivity skills and abilities over time, plus support and accountability to increase the likelihood that what is learned will be effectively used on the job.

“Given the way our brains are designed, we actually learn less well
when we’re presented with a great deal of information all at once.
We do far better when it’s delivered intermittently, in spaced cycles,
because that gives us time to deeply absorb it and commit it to long-term memory.
When we try to take in too much at once, we can easily be overloaded.

Tony Schwartz – author, professional speaker and
Founder and CEO of The Energy Project

Your team will learn…

  • A new way to capture, track and prioritize all tasks, responsibilities, and projects, as well as ideas and reminders.
  • How to make daily tasks congruent with monthly and annual goals and objectives.
  • The ability to conquer stacks of paper and files from floor to ceiling.
  • A decision-making process for every type of information that enters their office.
  • Why they must protect more time in their day and how to do it successfully.
  • The best ways to minimize over-booking, over-commitment and overwhelm.
  • A practical way to organize, categorize and manage electronic documents and files.
  • How to name documents and files in order to locate them quickly and easily.
  • How to process e-mails arriving all day, every day.
  • What to do with all the e-mails they’ve accumulated over the years.
  • Where to store e-mails and attachments they want or need to keep.
  • What e-mail subfolders to keep, consolidate or eliminate.
  • And much more.


The end result:

  • Employees who are empowered with a system to support their progress
  • Better performance, productivity and ability to achieve goals
  • Greater progress from day to day and week to week
  • More job satisfaction and peace of mind
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness
  • Greater success for your, your team and your company as a whole


Bonuses of Taskology® for Teams include:

  • The Taskology® Home Study Program:  It’s the entire Taskology® system in a binder containing 500 pages, 8 audio CDs, exercises, templates, checklists, diagrams and tip sheets to reinforce learning
  • Ample opportunity for Q & A during coaching calls
  • Unlimited e-mail support for the duration of the course
  • MP3 recordings and videos for those who miss a class or want to review content again in the future
  • Companion guides from each class in PDF format for easy reference later
  • A Taskology® for Teams online forum for continuing Q & A and support

Binder, Reports, and CDs x 450


 “I have seen a much larger increase in my sales production since we did the program.”

“I think with the tele-course, what you were able to do is to have us look at our desks privately, because we are all on our phones, together, in our own individual offices, and to actually say, okay, what can I do here, differently, that’s going to help me gain more time in my day? I thought it was great. The sessions were not long, which is great, and I found that every time we met there was something I took away from it. So, I looked forward to the next one.

From the actual physical desk and the physical paper we went into Outlook and also the day we manage our electronic files and it was immediate for me and all the reps, it seemed like, that we were able to say, wow, this really is a much more effective way to put things together in a logical format and be able to recall stuff much more quickly.

Before, I used to manage my tasks in my Inbox and it was never designed for that, but I was never taught by anybody how to do it otherwise. In fact, before I met you, I never knew what the task list was even for. But now, I find it to be indispensible. I cannot live without it, actually.

The key is that I can make better decisions with what I’m doing with my time. That is really the truth. I have found that my day is more directed. I’m able to follow up with more people and with the right people than before. I have seen a much larger increase in my sales production since we did the program. Now it’s difficult to say it was caused by this or some other factor, but I have to say that I can document that I have been making more follow-up calls to more clients and you have to assume that is leading to more sales.”

Brian McLean, Regional Director
Independence Blue Cross


Want to take a closer look at the details?

Leslie Shreve

When you’re serious about productivity improvement and supporting your team and your company’s continued success, it’s time to have a conversation to explore the possibilities of working together.

Don’t have a large team? Ask me about Taskology® for Two.

To contact me, Leslie Shreve, call 410.218.4896 or e-mail leslie@productiveday.com.

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