Individual Consulting is Personal and Powerful.
You will become the Champion.

For more than 12 years, Leslie has consulted with hundreds of professionals in more than 40 different industries. Her clients are business owners, executives, and motivated professionals located throughout the United States and Canada.

Leslie teaches clients how to work more efficiently, effectively and productively so they gain more clarity, confidence and control in their workday and, as a result, they’re enjoying more time, freedom, focus, progress and success.


“Leslie understands the nuances of how to be productive and organized.”

Ben Abrams, President
Consolidated Scrap Resources, Inc.


When you’re TRULY productive, you can make meaningful, powerful progress and reach higher levels of success in less time with less effort. You have the ability to choose how you work, what paths you take, what progress you make and how successful you are.

But if you’re working without systems and processes to support you, you’re leaving a lot to chance: your ability to produce, stay focused, make progress and reach goals. This can cause you to work more reactively than proactively, causing a lot of chaos, clutter and confusion in your day.

Working in the midst of chaos, you’re likely to miss, lose or forget things – especially without strong systems or processes to support you. And in the absence of these, you’re spending your time and energy thinking about HOW you’re working: how you’ll get it all done, where you’ll find the time, and how you’ll dig out from all the email.

On top of missing, losing or forgetting things, this adds another layer of stress and frustration to your day.

And when you’re working reactively, and you’re feeling stressed out and frustrated – or completely overwhelmed – you’re not doing your best work.


“What an impact it made on me… I love it!”

Christina Kovalakides, Controller
PMG, Ltd.


You’re not alone.

Most professionals weren’t taught how to work efficiently, effectively and productively. You may be one of them. You may even think you don’t have the time to learn how to be more productive, but in fact, the opposite is true.

Clients who worried they didn’t have the time to learn a new productivity system realized that it’s much easier and less time consuming to invest in learning how to productively manage their day and work from a place of clarity, confidence and control rather than chaos, clutter and confusion.



Are You Ready to Leave Unproductive Workdays Behind?

If so, then it sounds like you’re ready to leave behind inefficient, time-wasting practices and learn how to work more efficiently, effectively, proactively and productively.

When you learn how to work more productively, you can…

  • Create order from chaos in your e-mail Inbox.
  • Get more accomplished each day.
  • Find things when you need them.
  • Get organized so you can focus on what’s important.
  • Protect time to plan and strategize.
  • Be less reactive and more proactive.
  • Focus on tasks in a calm, collected, targeted way.
  • Feel like you’ve made progress at the end of your workday.
  • Gain more time in your day to do what you really want to do.



How to Work with Leslie

When you work with Leslie, you’ll learn how to take control of every aspect of your workday productivity by learning Taskology®, a unique productivity system Leslie created and trademarked. It’s road-tested and proven to work.

Leslie works with business owners, executives, and highly motivated professionals who are…

  • Familiar with technology and comfortable with their e-mail system, but haven’t truly maximized it yet.
  • Excited to get away from paper for managing tasks, time and more.
  • Life-long learners who surround themselves with leaders, experts and mentors, who can teach them how to elevate their growth and success.
  • Ready to invest in themselves and their job, career or business.
  • Committed and excited to make a transformation in their workday.
  • Ready to take decisive action.



When you want to make massive improvements in your workday productivity and you want to work with Leslie, just fill out the Productive Day Survey and get a no-cost Strategy Call with Leslie to determine if Taskology® is right for you.

Once you complete the survey you’ll be directed to our scheduling system so you can set up a 30-minute call at a time that’s convenient for you. You’ll also receive one of Leslie’s Special Reports FREE.

Make today the day you take action and change everything about the way you work. Learning Taskology® will help you create your most productive work day ever, so don’t wait another day.


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