Frequently Asked Questions

Question mark button_blueAre you ready to rise to a new level of productivity and progress? Or perhaps your team is ready for a collective boost in productivity?

Over the years I’ve received a LOT of questions about what to expect when considering the individual consulting process or team training and the potential results. Because I often hear the same questions again and again, I want to list them here and answer them in case you have the same ones.

As always, if I can answer other questions that you don’t see here, please feel free to contact me at


Why should I invest in learning Taskology®?

To answer that question, I’d first like to ask you about your typical workday. Visualize yourself in your office going about your business. What do your surroundings look like? Take a minute right now to assess what’s around you in your office.

Now, think about how you’re spending your time. Are you bouncing back and forth between replying to emails, working on documents, answering the phone, rummaging through stacks of papers, and entertaining people who pop in unannounced? How much time you spend moving from one task to another (before the first one is complete), dealing with interruptions, and looking for things you know you put somewhere?

Next, consider the results you’re getting. Do you frequently miss out on business opportunities or feel like you’re always one step behind on deadlines? Do you miss, lose or forget tasks or information because it scrolled off of your email screen? (Hint: This may show up as you often having to apologize to people for taking too long to get back to them or being late with deliverables.)

And finally, think about how you feel during a typical work day. Are you irritated or disappointed that you haven’t made progress on your to-do list? Does it seem as though you’re leaving the office with more on your plate than when you started? Are you often stressed, distracted, frustrated, inattentive or overwhelmed?

If any of this sounds familiar, the next questions to ask yourself are: Do I want to replace these experiences with more positive ones? And would I like to be empowered to take charge of my workday productively and stress free?

If you said, “YES!” then you’re ready to learn Taskology®. It can radically and permanently change your workday productivity, progress AND results.  You can…

  • Increase efficiency, effectiveness and focus
  • Reduce stress and worries about missing, losing or forgetting things
  • Gain more clarity about priorities
  • Take control of tasks, time and email
  • Enjoy more time, freedom and peace of mind

By investing in productivity consulting, you’re investing in yourself. You’re investing in your job, career or business. You’re investing in your future success.

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I feel like I should know how to get organized and be more productive on my own, but I also know I need help. I’m on the fence! What advice can you give?

Looking to the experts – whether coaches or consultants – is known to bring faster results to those who are committed to learning and growing. Experts who have “been there, done that” bring new perspectives, accelerated learning, and consistent development so you can enjoy continuous forward movement toward your goals.

An expert has already simplified the process for you. They can quickly teach you what you need to know, cut to the chase and help you get the results you need. They’ll keep you on track, identify obstacles, and help you alleviate triggers that derail you. You’ll save LOTS of time, effort and energy, and you won’t question whether or not you’re going in the right direction.

If the systems, processes and routines you’ve been using are not supporting you anymore, you’ll want to shift gears and adopt new ones, but deciding which options are right for you can be challenging and time-consuming when trying to figure it out alone. That’s not the case when you invest in a guide who can show you the way and encourage you at every turn.

Maze with Arrow Going Around It Accountability is another key to success. It’s important to have someone to turn to for all the “what if…” and “what about…” questions that pop up. Your accelerated success depends on knowing exactly how to navigate the changes you’re making and how to avoid the common mistakes people make, which can cost you MORE time and money!

But perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that an expert can help you achieve lasting results. If you’ve said to yourself on more than one occasion, “That’s it! I’m going to get organized once and for all!” only to see yourself slide back into your old habits and routines, then you already know that working without a comprehensive system, without consistent practice, and without a partner to help you succeed, your old habits can return – and so will your past productivity challenges – something I’m sure you DON’T want.

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How hard is it to convince people like me to change?

I’m glad you asked, because, ultimately, that all depends on you!

No one should EVER be convinced that they need to change. That desire must come from within. The need for transformation has to be apparent to you. Taking action has to be a decision you make.

Not only that, but the consulting you invest in would be a HUGE failure and waste of time if you were to attempt to make changes without being emotionally committed, excited about the benefits, and engaged in the process.

Consulting is only successful when the person making the change is really READY for change.


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Will I be able to maintain the new system I learn?

Research and years of experience show that for change to occur and really stick, it’s important to practice and use routines daily that reinforce change until the changes becomes comfortable habits – ones you don’t have to think about anymore.

Learning Taskology® involves learning a system that is simple, logical and easy to use, as well as learning processes and routines that are easy to maintain. When I partner with my clients, I’m with them every step of the way. I’m fully committed to their success. I give them every strategy I know – and personally use – in order to help them become more productive and make more meaningful progress.

My clients learn a new way to manage tasks, time, email, information and more, and from day one, they practice what they learn EVERY…day…forward.

Change is worth everything it takes to make it happen, so when you’re TRULY ready to achieve your goals, be more productive, and improve your success, then change will be easier than you think. Once you begin to experience the results of Taskology®, you’ll never want to go back to your old habits again!

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I’m definitely ready for a more productive, less stressful work day, but what if my work is wildly different than the work of others? Will your system work for me?

woman-at-desk-with-stack-of-paperwork Thanks for bringing that up, because the reality is that every person and every situation is unique. In fact, in my many years of consulting with clients in more than 40 different industries, I’ve never worked with two professionals who have exactly the same job, career or business or who have the exact same circumstances and situations at work.

But… it’s HOW you do what you do that’s very similar to other professionals who have too much to do, not enough time and too many emails. Like everyone else, you have to manage paper, files, attachments and information. You have meetings to attend and phone calls to return, and priorities to keep straight.

Unfortunately, I only see these challenges growing bigger in the future as mobile technologies increase, fiercer competition enters the marketplace, and the pace picks up even more. These will force people to work harder and faster than ever before.

The key is to give yourself a strong, reliable system to support your daily productivity. You need to regain control of your workday, no matter what KIND of work you do. And when you improve HOW you do what you do, you can see more clearly, think more strategically and get more accomplished.

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I’m an extremely busy professional. What kind of time do I need to commit to the process and how long will it take before I have total control of my workday again?

I understand that committing time for learning something new is a concern and that’s why Taskology® is laid out in an orderly learning plan so you can see visible progress on the very first day.

In total, learning and implementing Taskology® takes between one and two months to learn and integrate into your workday. Of course, it all depends on how much “stuff” you have, such as paper, files, emails, e-documents, tasks, and so on. If you don’t have LOADS of these items, then the consulting process will take about one month instead of two.

There are two individual consulting packages available for private learning and no matter which package you choose, you’ll learn in blocks of two to three hours on phone calls and using a computer interface. We need 2-3 hours on each call in order to build your new systems in leaps and bounds. You wouldn’t want one foot in your old system and one foot in the new one for very long. That only makes it harder on you.

But just so you know, time flies by very quickly on these calls, and after the first 3-hour call you’ll see immediate results and feel SO much better about your workday. As appointments progress, the results and momentum will build and grow, and the progress you’ll see will be faster and easier each time.

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Do I need Microsoft Outlook® in order to learn Taskology®?

Actually, no, you don’t.

What you DO need, however, is an email system that’s very similar to Outlook in that it has modules for Tasks, Calendar, Contacts and Notes, in addition to Email.

The Taskology® system is built for email systems like Outlook because your workday needs a cohesive and comprehensive approach. And it needs simplicity. So if you get your email through g-mail and you use a task app on your phone… and you’re using a paper calendar…and your contacts are on your phone, in your computer and on business cards in a box… and you’re still using paper to-do lists (in addition to the task app on your phone), then you don’t have a cohesive, comprehensive system to manage your day and everything in it. None of these tools are connected and that’s where your productivity is falling apart.

Before working with clients, I find they’re also using multiple methods for tracking emails, tasks, time, contacts, meeting notes and more. Taskology® streamlines everything: your tasks, responsibilities, commitments, and information, and the system makes it easier for you to focus, prioritize and get things done.

I’ve worked with professionals who used Outlook for Mac, Lotus Notes, Groupwise, g-Mail, SmartOffice, SalesForce, Act, Palm and more. However, the almost all of my clients have Microsoft Outlook® and because they do, they’re able to enjoy ALL of the benefits of not only Outlook, but the Taskology® system as well.

If you have more questions about the system you have, please feel free to email me so I can help:


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I believe Taskology® will benefit me, but it’s my team that REALLY needs the help. Do you offer training for employees?

line-of-people Yes! In addition to working personally with individuals, I also offer training designed specifically for teams, departments or entire companies called Taskology® for Teams.

Each team member will participate from his or her own office space over a period of weeks using short videos and participating in group coaching calls. This allows them to apply and implement the techniques and strategies directly to their own workday right away. Over a period of weeks, they’ll be able to build their own Task list, optimize their own calendar, organize their own files and e-files, restructure their e-mail folders, and get their email Inboxes down to zero.

This training approach is SO much more effective and long-lasting than a single, live training session given to the whole team in your conference room, where they have NO access to their tasks, papers, emails or anything else. After this kind of typical live training, each participant goes back to their office, gets drawn back into their day, taken over by events, and easily forgets a lot of what they just heard. And worse, they’re burdened with applying the new techniques and systems to their own workday… ALONE.

When fully participating in this course, there is far less chance of forgetfulness or lack of application because participants are “learning by doing.” They’re receiving short weekly videos, learning in their own office space, practicing lessons each week, using their own information, receiving steady support, and asking questions on the group coaching calls. This creates an opportunity for learning that sticks, giving them productivity strategies they can use for the rest of their professional career. 

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What if my employees are resistant to change?

crossed-arms As a business leader, I understand you want to invest in your employees. You’re demonstrating your commitment to their professional and personal growth, as well as illustrating the value they contribute to your organization. You’re investing in their success.

YOU know this, but the key is that THEY need to know and understand this.

The task at hand is to present the productivity training to them as the benefit it is. They can gain more control of their day and enjoy less stress. They can anticipate feeling more accomplished and satisfied at the end of every day. They can enjoy more awareness and clarity about everything they need to do and how to get it all done.” They’ll learn how to prioritize accurately and completely, be more proactive, and make more meaningful progress. And who wouldn’t want to enjoy all of those benefits?

So, if you want your employees to learn in Taskology® for Teams you have two choices. Your first option is to make the training mandatory and the second is to make the training opt-in. If you make the training mandatory, you risk achieving a smaller percentage of success. The new systems and processes may not be fully implemented, nor will they necessarily stick. But if you make the training opt-in, the success will be much greater for all participants.

I encourage you to consider an opt-in approach and once the productivity and progress of those who participate sky-rockets, those around them will wonder what they missed. And when you enroll new participants in the next round of Taskology® for Teams, they will be first in line to opt-in.

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OK, I’m ready to take control of my workday and get more accomplished faster and easier. How do I get started?

I’m so glad to hear it! All you have to do is fill out a quick Survey so I can find out more about you and your current level of workday productivity. Once you fill out this survey, you’ll be directed to my online scheduling system where you can select a 30-minute time block that’s convenient for you to enjoy a complimentary strategy session with me.

When we connect, I can help you decide exactly which individual consulting package is right for you and we’ll get you started on your work day transformation ASAP! Don’t spend another day wasting time, losing revenue, struggling to make progress or feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Take action NOW to unleash the power of your most productive work day.


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