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questionmark-button Are you ready for productivity coaching and consulting for yourself? Or perhaps for your team, department or company?

Over the years I’ve received a LOT of questions regarding what to expect about the consulting process and the potential results. Because they are often the same questions I receive from my clients before we begin working together, I want to list them and answer them for you here, in case you had the same ones.

As always, if I can answer more questions – ones that don’t appear here – please feel free to contact me at .



Why should I invest in productivity consulting?

Smart question! In a nutshell, here’s why:

  • Productivity consulting, coaching or training will allow you and your team to:
  • Increase efficiency and focus
  • Reduce stress
  • Help achieve greater success in work and life
  • Provide more clarity and control
  • Give you more time and freedom

Now I’d like to ask you about your typical work day. Visualize yourself going about your business. What do your surroundings—your desk, your office floor and your bookshelves—look like? (Take a minute right now to assess what’s around you.)

Now, think about how you’re spending your time . Are you bouncing back and forth between replying to e-mails, working on documents, answering the phone, rummaging through stacks of papers, and entertaining people who pop up unannounced at your office door? Try to assess on average how much time you spend moving from one task to the next, dealing with interruptions and looking for things you know you put somewhere .

Next, consider the results you’re getting . Do you frequently miss out on business opportunities or feel like you’re always one step behind on deadlines? (Hint: This may show up as you often having to apologize to people for taking too long to get back to them or being late with deliverables.)

Finally, think about how you feel during a typical work day . Are you irritated that you haven’t made progress on your to-do list? Does it seem as though you’re leaving the office with more on your plate than when you started? Are you often stressed? Distracted? Frustrated? Inattentive? Or overwhelmed?

If any of this sounds familiar, the next questions to ask yourself are: Do I want to replace this experience with a more positive one? And would I like to be empowered to take charge of your work day productively and stress free ?

If you said, “YES!” then I’d like to help you create that new experience… starting right now !

My system – Taskology™ The Science of Getting Things Done – can radically and permanently change your work day experience.

By investing in productivity training you are investing in your success.

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I feel like I should know how to get organized and be more productive on my own, but I also know I need help. I’m on the fence! What advice can you give?

Isn’t it better to learn from an expert? One who’s “been there, done that” and has simplified the process, identified the strategies that work, and can quickly teach you everything you need to know? This will save you lots of time and energy and you won’t question whether you’re going in the right direction or not.

And what about having a coach in your corner? One who supports you with every step you take? This kind of support is key to making changes in your work day. The routines and processes you’ve been using are not supporting you anymore, so switching away from those and adopting new ones can be challenging when alone. That’s not so when you have a guide at your side, showing you the way and encouraging you at every turn.

maze-with-big-arrow In addition, accountability is another key to success. When we work together, you’ll have someone available to you so you can ask every “what if…” and “what about…” question that pops up. You’ll have me by your side to show you exactly how to navigate the changes you’ll be making in your day – avoiding many of the common mistakes people make (and these can cost you more time and money!)

But perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that I’ll help you achieve lasting results . If you’ve said to yourself on more than one occasion, “That’s it! I’m going to get organized once and for all!” only to see yourself slide back into your old habits , then you already know that without a comprehensive system, consistent practice and a partner to help you succeed, your old habits will return – and so will your past productivity levels – and that’s something I’m sure you don’t want.

When you work with me, I’ll be your personal guide, cheerleader, supporter and coach . You’ll have my highest commitment to helping you make changes that will stick. I believe in you! And I’m ready to help you when you’re ready for personal transformation.

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How hard is it to get people like me to make changes? Once my office is organized, will it stay that way?  Will I be able to maintain the new system I learn?

I’m glad you asked, because, ultimately, that all depends on you!

I don’t convince people they need to change. I don’t force clients to be more productive, to be more organized, or to be more efficient in their work day.


For two reasons…

  1. My clients come to me for help. They’re already committed to change. It’s the same for you. The motivation, the compelling desire to change, and the need for transformation have to come from within you .
  2. The consulting would be a huge failure and waste of time for both you and me if you were to attempt to make changes without being emotionally committed and excited about the benefits. All consulting is more successful when the person making the change is really ready for change.

Research and years of experience also show that for change to occur and stick, it’s important that you create systems and routines that reinforce that change until it becomes a comfortable habit.

Taskology™ involves processes and routines that are simple to implement and easy to maintain . Most importantly, I partner with you every step of the way. I’m fully committed to your success. I give you every tool and technique that I know (and that I personally use) in order to help you get organized, be productive and stay that way .

And remember: this isn’t just about getting your office organized. This is about changing the way you process information, manage your tasks, protect your time, handle your e-mail, and so much more!

It’s true that in order to make a transition from old habits to new ones, you’ll need to be open, flexible, self-aware, willing to listen, and willing to try new things. Most importantly, you’ll need to be excited about the expected outcomes of change and know that the change you want is worth everything it takes to make it happen.

So let me recap… this is something you should know right up front: I only work with leaders and professionals who are ready for transformation and are committed, excited and engaged in the process.

So if you’re driven to achieve your goals, increase your free time, and improve your success, then change will be easier than you think. And once you begin to experience the results of Taskology™, you’ll never want to go back to your old habits again!

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Well, I’m most definitely ready for a more productive, less stressful work day, but what if my work is wildly different than the work of others? Will your system work for me?

woman-at-desk-with-stack-of-paperwork Thanks for bringing that up, because the reality is that every person and every situation is unique. In fact, in my many years of consulting with clients in more than 40 different industries , I’ve never worked with two professionals who have exactly the same job, career or business or who have the exact same circumstances and situations at work.

But… what is similar are all the challenges that we face as professionals in today’s world — challenges like information overload, e-mail entrapment, and the expectation that we get more done in less time with fewer resources . Unfortunately, I only see this problem growing bigger in the future as mobile technologies and fiercer competition in the market will force people to work harder and faster than ever before.

The key is to give yourself the tools and the training to regain control of your work day. When we work together, you’ll discover countless ways to see more clearly, think more strategically and get more accomplished.

You can reclaim lost time and make the most of the time you have. And the best part is that Taskology™ is simple, logical and easy to use in any work environment.

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I’m an extremely busy professional… what kind of time do I need to commit to the process and how long will it take before I have total control of my work day again?

I understand that committing time for learning something new is a concern and that’s why I’ve designed my programs the way I have.

In total, learning and implementing Taskology™ takes between 10 and 25 hours to complete. Of course, it all depends on how much “stuff” you personally have, such as paper, e-mails, e-documents, tasks, files and so on. If you don’t loads of these items, then the consulting process will take 10 hours instead of 15 or 20.

I offer a variety of consulting packages for private, 1:1 consulting and no matter which package you choose, we’ll be working together in blocks of two to three hours. We need this kind of time to build your new systems and discuss your new processes. The time flies by very quickly and after the first 3-hour appointment, you’ll see immediate results and feel so much better about your work day. As appointments progress, the results and momentum will build, and the progress you’ll see will be faster and easier each time we meet.

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Do I need Microsoft Outlook® in order to learn Taskology™?

Actually, no, you don’t.

What you DO need, however, is an e-mail system that’s very similar to Outlook that, in addition to the e-mail module, includes modules for Tasks, Calendar, Contacts and Notes.

The Taskology™ system is all about cohesiveness and simplicity, so if you get your e-mail through g-mail and you use a Task app on your phone; you’re using a paper calendar; your contacts are spread out between your phone, your computer and business cards in a box; and you’re still using paper for to-do lists (in addition to the Task app), you don’t have a cohesive system.

I find that my clients are using multiple methods for tracking e-mail, tasks, time, contacts, meeting notes and more. Taskology™ will streamline your information, responsibilities and commitments and make it easier for you to focus, prioritize and get things done.

I’ve worked with professionals who had Outlook for Mac/Entourage, Lotus Notes, Groupwise, g-Mail, SmartOffice, SalesForce, Act, and Palm. The majority of my clients have Microsoft Outlook®.

So if you don’t have Microsoft Outlook®, Outlook for Mac, or a similar system, then you won’t be able to enjoy all the benefits of the Taskology™ system.

If you have more questions about the system you have, please feel free to contact me so I can help: .


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I can see clearly how Taskology™ will benefit me. But it’s my employees who REALLY need the help. Do you offer training for employees?

line-of-people Yes! In addition to working 1:1 with individuals, I also offer training designed specifically for teams, departments or entire companies. This is my Taskology™ for Teams tele-course and webinar series.

Each team member will be participating from his or her office space during the calls, allowing them to apply and implement the techniques and strategies directly to their own work . They’re building their own e-Task list, looking at their own calendar, organizing their own files and e-files, organizing their e-mail folders and getting their Inboxes down to zero.

This allows each person to “ learn by doing ,” make immediate improvements to their work day systems, and practice between weekly calls. This method of learning is SO much more effective and long-lasting than if I give a live two-or three-hour training session in a conference room, where no one is sitting in their own office space. And after a typical live training, each participant goes back to their office, gets drawn back in to the day-to-day demands of their busy work day, and can easily forget what they just heard or learned. And worse, they’re burdened with applying the new techniques and systems to their own work day… alone.

When learning in the Taskology™ for Teams training course, there is far less chance of forgetfulness or lack of application because the participants are learning in their own office space, using their own information. I combine audio, training materials, webinars and step-by step “how-to” instruction so participants can start learning immediately and adopt concepts quickly .

Another key benefit of Taskology™ for Teams is that it’s designed to be both affordable and accessible . Because it’s delivered via a series of tele-classes and webinars, there are no travel costs involved and training can fit easily into even the busiest professional’s schedule. Even better, after a certain threshold, the cost per person decreases as more participants are included.

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What if my employees are resistant to change?

crossed-arms As a business leader, I understand you want to invest in your employees. You’re demonstrating your commitment to their professional and personal growth , as well as illustrating the value they contribute to your organization. You’re investing in their success.

YOU know this, but the key is that THEY need to know and understand this.

The task at hand is to present the productivity training to them as the benefit it is . They can look forward to a streamlined and dependable task list for literally every to-do, project or reminder; a refined file system; less paper; organized e-files; an Inbox at or close to zero (and they’ll learn how to keep it that way); and more time for reaching their goals. They can anticipate feeling less stressed and more relieved as they enjoy more clarity and control in their work day. And who wouldn’t want to enjoy all of those benefits?

So, if you want to have your employees trained with Taskology™ for Teams you have two choices. Your first option is to make the training opt-in and the second is to make the training mandatory .

If you make it opt-in, the success of the training will be much greater for all participants. If you make the training mandatory, you risk achieving a smaller percentage of success. The new systems and processes may not be fully implemented, nor will they necessarily stick.

I encourage you to consider an opt-in approach and once the productivity and success of those who participate sky-rockets , those around them will wonder what they missed. And they may comprise the next group you enroll in Taskology™ for Teams training.

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Okay, I’m ready to take control of my work day and get more done faster and easier. How do I get started!?

So glad to hear it! I’m ready to help you. All you have to do is fill out a quick Survey so I can find out more about you and your work day. Once you fill out this survey, you’ll be directed to my online calendar system where you can select a time block that’s convenient for you to enjoy a complimentary 30-minute consultation with me.

Then I can help you decide exactly which package is right for you and we’ll get you started on your work day transformation ASAP! Don’t spend another day wasting time, losing revenue, feeling stressed and missing out on life . Take action now to unleash the power of your most productive work day.


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