Client Testimonials

“I’m working less hours per day and feeling a sense of achievement at the end of the day”

Mary Anne Majerus-Lambert

"As a Sales Executive I wear many hats and prior to working with Leslie Shreve of Productive Day I juggled my day by sorting through post-it notes, handwritten notes in a binder, email print-outs, and my CRM system. Sales is a multi-pronged process and I was trying to be productive using multiple lists. I felt overwhelmed, not sure I was getting done what absolutely needed to get done that day. At the end of a 12 or 13-hour day I still felt like some important sales activities were slipping through the cracks. In addition, information overload was proving problematic. It was difficult sorting and storing information in a timely manner. When I tried to retrieve content, I often wasted time searching because I couldn’t remember where or how it was stored. Now, after several months of working with Leslie Shreve of Productive Day, I clearly know from one online source what my priorities are for the day to drive sales and revenues. No more sorting through reams of papers to get through my day. I’m working less hours per day and feeling a sense of achievement at the end of the day. I no longer wake up at night panicked that I “forgot” something I had committed to get done. In addition, prospects and clients are not forgotten and I’ve improved my multi-pronged sales process with the use of Taskology. Content retrieval was previously a sales productivity drain. Now with Tasklology I quickly sort, discard and store information, as well as retrieve it quickly without wasting sales time."

Mary Anne Majerus-Lambert, Vice President, Advisor Sales Atlantic Division
Pax World Investments

“I feel liberated because my Inbox is not my to-do list anymore.”

Ingrid West

"Before working with Leslie Shreve at Productive Day I felt like I was a slave to my Inbox. I was constantly reactive. I would waste time reading e-mails more than once – opening and reading them again and again, wondering, “Did I miss something?” I felt uncertain about what I had coming in and what I should be focusing on. Everything was a number one priority.

To manage to-dos, I had sticky notes on my monitor, my spotlight list, two notepads, my white board, and my memory. I was feeling stressed, I was losing track of tasks for myself and those I had assigned to others, and I was losing time. I really thought I had a reasonable handle on things, but in the back of my mind I thought, “There’s got to be a better way.”

And now I know there is a better way. Working with Leslie and using Taskology has helped me get rid of all the noise. I’ve distilled things down to what’s most important. I know what my priorities are and I can work on them with confidence, knowing I’m moving the company in the right direction.

I used to stay late weeding through e-mails and trying to prioritize at the end of the day, but now I have more free time and I’m not at the office as late anymore. I feel liberated because my Inbox is not my to-do list anymore.

You can liberate yourself from e-mail. Managing tasks is easy with Taskology and keeping up is very do-able. You need a system to follow, but then it’s up to you to have the discipline to actually do it."

Ingrid West, President
Acton Mobile

“…my methods were very labor intensive and time consuming prior to Taskology.”

Elsa Maskell

"I recently worked with Leslie Shreve and her Productive Day Program and I am so glad I did! Prior to meeting Leslie my processes for e-mails, files and tasks were nowhere near as efficient as they should have been. I can now put my hands on files (both physical and electronic) so much more efficiently and save time trying to find important information. The ease of retrieving my information has helped me greatly. As I began implementing the task management portion of the program it became clear that my methods were very labor intensive and time consuming prior to “Taskology.” I also realized I held onto information I either didn’t need or didn’t know how to find, causing even more confusion. The Productive Day Program has helped make me so much more efficient. It’s amazing! I highly recommend looking into Productive Day. It will be worth every minute!"

Elsa A. Maskell, CEO
EIS Group, Inc. t/a DBA

“Take your personal and business productivity to the next level…”

Mike Mack

"As a busy entrepreneur, who is regarded as organized and focused, I knew that I needed more productivity in my hectic schedule. I was happy to find Leslie through my LinkedIn connections. After my own research and due diligence and a thorough conversation with her, I quickly realized that Leslie was the person for the job. I have been grateful and delighted with Leslie’s amazing support as a Productivity expert. She really knows her stuff and challenges you as client to think and act differently. If you want to take your personal and business productivity to the next level, regardless of where you work in North America, you need to connect with Leslie."

Mike Mack, Leadership Coach

“If you haven’t had the chance to learn about Taskology, then do it now. It will change the way you work forever!”

Eddie Jenkins

"Where do I begin? I’ve recently worked with Leslie and her “Taskology” series and WOW! I’m an IT guy; what could Leslie possibly know that I didn’t already know? Well, I was living off of my Inbox! Every single day was based around the last email in and the tasks that that email would create for me. It never ended! Leslie has shared with me “Taskology” and now I have an Inbox that is empty every night, I have a desktop computer screen that has 2 icons on it, I have a file space that has 5 folders, and work is PRODUCTIVE all of a sudden and much less stressful! I’ve recently asked Leslie for a refresher and I’m so excited for her to dig in and show me some other ways for me to improve. She is professional and personable, which is an amazing combination and she delivers results! If you haven’t had the chance to learn about Taskology, then do it now. It will change the way you work forever!"

Eddie Jenkins, CIO
Acton Mobile

“I no longer get overwhelmed with having “too much to do” and feel more in control of my entire day.”

JM Schapiro

"Where would I be without you? I originally wondered how a “productivity consultant” could help me. As a CEO I thought I was being very productive, but I also knew I could be more organized. After completing your program I am much more productive and much more efficient. I manage my time better, make great use of my task list and I’m also better able to keep up with e-mail. The change has been very noticeable to everyone in our organization.

I no longer get overwhelmed with having “too much to do” and feel more in control of my entire day. I have also learned to keep my office organized, which may seem trivial, but actually makes me more productive. And I was so happy with my results that our President is now working with you and anytime I talk to someone who feels “overwhelmed” I tell them to call you."

JM Schapiro, CEO
Continental Realty Corporation

“Thanks to working with Leslie I have a much stronger grasp on how to prioritize what must be done…”

Bradley Troy

"I’ve spent the last 25 years building a practice attempting to attract new clients, service existing clients, and broaden the solutions provided. Email and smartphones had created an emergency, reactive environment where prospects, promises and details were falling between the cracks. I would run through my Inbox constantly to make sure I’d replied to, responded, and followed up. I also found that in the days prior to presentations or meetings there were details and reminders that I’d have running through my head, put on Post-its, and inserted in my calendar. I also created multiple redundant lists of prospects, required follow ups and reminders, on paper and in Excel. It was difficult to sit in my office, with piles of files and admit that there was no real methodology other than urgency.

Thanks to working with Leslie I have a much stronger grasp on how to prioritize what must be done today [or] in the future without the anxiety associated with my fear that I’d forget the task. Using Tasks allows me to have a list of “To Do’s” that must be done daily [and] can be prioritized based on profitability & urgency. After [learning] Tasks, we moved on to my Email Inbox, which had 4,600+ emails. Leslie helped me build a personalized filing system for my emails so that when they are dealt with they can be filed properly, handled or […] I could address [them later] on the proper date and based on the correct priority.

Businesses and individuals would save hours of lost resources, frustration and poor service if they […] work with Leslie to learn systems that are already proven and work. Thanks Leslie and PSA for taking the time to help me overcome 25 years of bad habits and reactive systems!"

Bradley Troy, CFP CAP ChFC CLU Vice President, Wealth Management
PSA Insurance & Financial Services

“Taskology is… life changing.”

Monika Kelly

"Leslie has mad Outlook skills. She will teach you many tricks to improve efficiency and make your work day flow.

But… more than that, Leslie has changed my relationship with time. I’ve become aware of my unrealistic expectations of what can be accomplished in a single day. I also started noticing which tasks I procrastinate completing…what might be better delegated (eliminated?) and where the joy is.

Taskology is about so much more than productivity. It is life changing. Life affirming."

Monica Kelly, Field Sales Consultant
BJG Electronics

“I’m more focused, proactive and purposeful about getting things done. I have faith and trust in the system.”

Rob Bavar

"My work day prior to working with Leslie Shreve was much more reactive instead of proactive. I didn’t have a game plan or an easy way to prioritize using paper to-do lists. I reacted to e-mails and issues that came up instead of consistently planning and accomplishing tasks. I wasn’t organized, focused or thinking clearly.

Now that I’ve learned Leslie’s Taskology system, I’m more focused, proactive and purposeful about getting things done. I use the Task list religiously, instead of using the e-mail Inbox as a to-do list, and I’m able to prioritize and follow up according to a plan that includes everything. After working with Leslie, I realized that answering e-mails wasn’t getting work done. It was activity, but not productivity. Now I feel much more satisfied and accomplished at the end of the day. I process e-mails more efficiently and keep my Inbox low. I’m using my time more proactively – looking for development opportunities – and I’m moving forward instead of just trying to keep up.

Plus, the benefits translate over into my home life, too. When I’m not at work, I’m focused on my family and I’m not worried about what I might be missing or what I forgot or what the plan is for tomorrow. I have faith and trust in the system. I’m thinking clearly, I’m in control of my day and I have peace of mind."

Rob Bavar, Vice President
Bavar Properties Group, LLC

“I feel like I gained more hours in my day!”

Pat Isaac

"Prior to working with Leslie, I didn’t have a system that allowed me to stay on track and complete projects without having to cut into my personal time – I worked extra hours in the evening, taking away from my family time to catch-up. My prior work day routines took away from feeling productive at the end of the day and took me away from things I enjoy most, which is building relationships!

The Taskology system introduced by Leslie has provided me with a more efficient and effective work day with a feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day. It has helped me schedule more time with my clients, cultivate new opportunities and build new relationships. My Task list keeps me focused when I’m in the office and I’m no longer overwhelmed by e-mails or feeling defeated by the world of technology. And…I’m very protective of my time so it’s not wasted. Taskology has allowed me to focus on leading my organization to more success and provided me with the balance I require with my business life and my personal life! THANK you! I feel like I gained more hours in my day!"

Pat Isaac, CEO
Capital Services, Inc.

“I no longer treat my inbox like a to-do list.”

Christine Louise Hohlbaum

"Leslie Shreve’s powerful ideas are so effective that, even though I only interviewed her for fifteen minutes, I had a system in place to turn paper piles into purpose. Following the ‘use your tools’ practice, I no longer treat my inbox like a to-do list. Kudos to Leslie for her full-service attitude to making organization fun and, most notably, doable!"

Christine Louise Hohlbaum, Author
“The Power of Slow: 101 Ways to Save Time in Our 24/7 World”

“…making real progress…”

"By allocating my tasks to specific days, and focusing on those first thing, I’m able to make progress on my to-do list. Previously, I “frittered” the day away and my non-emergency list just grew and grew as it went undone. Instead, I’m now eliminating a number of tasks per day and making real progress on my to-do list."

Troy Peple, President

“Leslie can literally help you create time…”

Mark Haraway

"I would like to recommend Leslie Shreve for anyone looking to get more out of their day. Leslie can literally help you create time previously unavailable by helping cut through paper and electronic clutter. Leslie’s coaching really helps you focus on what is important."

Mark Haraway, Vice President of Sales
DentaQuest Mid-Atlantic

“Leslie was able to make the Outlook system more user-friendly…”

Hutchinson, Tom

"I feel a lot more focused as a result of working with Leslie. I have seen improved productivity and, more importantly, I have less stress worrying about what was lost in my inbox that I did not know was due. I have been able to go from nearly 3,000 e-mails in my Inbox to less than 100 per day or less on a consistent basis. Leslie was able to make the Outlook system more user-friendly so that I can be more productive in my work day."

Tom Hutchinson, Senior Vice President
Healthstream, Inc.

“…the best investment I’ve made…”


"As a small business owner, there are many demands on my time — from meeting client deadlines, to growing my business, to managing all the administrative tasks that come with running a successful business. That’s why the time I’ve spent with Leslie at Productive Day is the best investment I’ve made in my business since its launch in 2006. Just three hours with Leslie cleared my inbox, made sense of my “to do” list and added hours of productive time to my week. I recommend Leslie to anyone who has ever wished for more hours in the day!"

Angelique Rewers, Owner
The Corporate Agent

“Leslie will revolutionize the way you use your Outlook software…”

Bradbury, Amy

"I feel much more in charge of my life in general in and out of the office…I think my clients are definitely more satisfied. Leslie will revolutionize the way you use your Outlook software. She gives the tough love you need to force yourself to break out from your non-productive, disorganized box!"

Amy Bradbury, Founder
Mosaic Business Solutions

“I am able to save at least 1 hour per day…”

Mike Goodhues

"Leslie will change the way you think about time, tasks, and managing the information necessary to do your job. She will provide a road map to organize and focus your work that will lead to marked improvements in your focus, your productivity, and ultimately your job performance. I am thinking about my time more strategically, like it is a commodity that needs to be managed more effectively. I feel much more in control of my workload and in my professional life. I am able to save at least 1 hour per day and direct it to more productive, higher level uses, such as management and leadership."

Mike Goodhues, Chief Information Officer
Baltimore County Public Schools

“I am a believer now!”

Masur, Mary Ann

"Leslie taught me how to use the calendar and task management system in Outlook. Having been a Franklin Covey user for years, I was skeptical. I am a believer now! Using the new system has helped me to be more organized and efficient. I am able to track my to do list and follow up effectively. I’ve eliminated using post it notes! Leslie is a supportive teacher who knows how to use these tools to help you accomplish what you want. I have recommended her to my clients and highly recommend her and her services."

Mary Ann Masur, CEO
Synergy Consultants

“…more motivated and less stressed!”

O'Connell, Kyla

"I feel I gained a lot from Leslie’s background in operations and management. I feel much more productive, more in control, more motivated and less stressed! Working with Leslie is organizational therapy."

Kyla O’Connell, V.P. Business Development
Asher Strategies

“Sticky notes and paper to-dos are gone… [Taskology] has saved me several times…”

Eric Miller

"I thought I really knew how to track my tasks and prioritize using sticky notes and electronic file folders, which grew miles long. But, before long I had data scattered all over, making searching and tracking quite a challenge. Finally, I gave in and called Leslie to save me and our team. What great fun I have now using Taskology to establish when I will work on tasks and priorities. When she showed me how to set up and use this system I felt a great burden lifted – seriously! Now my inbox is managed and no longer do I have miles of file folders as everything is neatly compacted. All e-mails with any sort of “to do” are placed into tasks with attachments. This process alone has saved me several times as I’ve searched my task list for that e-mail needing action. Sticky notes and paper to-dos are gone. Her system also compliments our project management software. Once you get started you’ll feel guilty about using paper to-do lists – I know."

Eric Miller, Managing Partner
Smart Performance Strategies

“I’m definitely accomplishing more tasks in less time…”

Silverberg, Alan

"It’s amazing to be able to keep one task on my desk at a time, which enables me to clear my desk at the end of each day and gives me the distinct pleasure of walking in to a clear desk in the morning. The biggest shift for me was to discover the effectiveness of “tasking” everything in Outlook, allowing me to clear out my Inbox, my desk, and anywhere else the enormous volumes of daily information happened to come to rest. I’m definitely accomplishing more tasks in less time and monitoring tasks more carefully."

Alan Silverberg, Attorney/Partner
Summerfield, Willen, Silverberg & Limsky, LLC

“Now I feel in control and less stressed…”

Brie Henry

"Before learning Taskology® from Leslie in Taskology® for Teams, my day was ruled by my e-mail. It was hard to find time to complete the tasks I needed to complete because I was so focused on getting things done for other people. Now I feel like I’m in control and I can update my schedule and task list as necessary so I’m not overwhelmed.

The best thing for me has been learning to move items from Inbox directly into my task list without using the flag. I no longer have things hanging around in my Inbox for me to complete. It also frees me up so I don’t have to remember them. They go right on my task list and I follow up with them on the day I want to do them.

And it’s much easier to stay organized now. Each time I’d get the organizing bug, I’d come up with a new system for files, emails, documents, etc. Now, I have one system for everything and I don’t have to think about it, it’s just there. I don’t have to worry about starting from scratch with a different system each time and my desk stays clear. I feel less stressed now that I don’t have so much to remember. I can clear up the clutter and keep what I need on my task list so I don’t worry about forgetting something."

Brie Henry, Operations Manager
Lakeside Title

“I see a clear improvement in my efficiency since working with Leslie”

Ben Abrams

"Before I met Leslie, I knew I could and should be able to work more efficiently and manage all my daily tasks more efficiently. I spent a lot of time managing emails and kept a bunch of different task lists. I was not sure how exactly to make the improvements I needed to make.

Leslie’s Taskology® method, which she introduced me to, was a tremendously helpful system for me to implement. It gave me a thoughtful organizational method for managing emails and a way to clear my inbox every day. She taught me how to get rid of my short term and long term task lists, consolidate them, and schedule my activities to make sure I get more done according to a set schedule.

Most importantly, she taught me how valuable my time is and how I could be allocating it better than I was to get more important things accomplished every day. I see a clear improvement in my efficiency since working with Leslie and recommend her to any busy executive who needs and wants to be more effective and on top of his or her game."

Ben Abrams, President
Consolidated Scrap Resources, Inc.

“I like that you took the concepts you were teaching and applied them to our personal e-mail, tasks, papers, files, etc…That made it so much easier to learn and practice the concepts.”

Cheryl Harris


I absolutely enjoyed the Taskology® for Teams class! The most beneficial part of the training was learning how to use Tasks in Outlook. It helps me get through my day and I’m using it faithfully. I’m also doing a much better job as e-mails come in. I’m putting them on the Task list quickly and then I do a regular review of my list to see what needs to be reprioritized, especially at the end of my day. I really loved the group coaching sessions, too. I like that you took the concepts you were teaching and applied them to our personal e-mail, tasks, papers, files, etc…That made it so much easier to learn and practice the concepts. Having the Taskology binder and the MP3s of each class helped, too, because if I missed a class I could listen or read and catch up before the next class. I highly recommend Taskology® for Teams."

Cheryl Harris, Regional Director, Client Services, Mid-Atlantic

“…because I see how important it is to use it every day, I decided to make the Task list the very first thing I see every morning.”


I enjoyed being a part of your Taskology® for Teams tele-course earlier this year and I’m really happy that DentaQuest provided me the opportunity to take part. I thought it was a helpful program and each class you taught provided value. I especially loved the education on the different uses of Outlook. I’ve used Outlook for 7 or 8 years now and I’ve never used it the way you taught us how to use it.

I also really liked learning how to use the Task list! And because I see how important it is to use it every day, I decided to make the Task list the very first thing I see every morning before getting stuck in e-mail – reacting and responding endlessly.

Another bonus to taking your course was receiving the Taskology® Home Study Program binder. When my Outlook screen changed after getting a new computer, I was able to refer back to the binder and the screen shots to get my Task list back to where it should be.

Thanks Leslie!"

Nicole Williams, Account Executive, Government Accounts

“I learned a lot and I’m using my Task list every day – with your 1, 2, 3 system, watching the 1’s so I don’t carry many of those.”

"Leslie, Thank you so much!!! I really enjoyed the Taskology® for Teams class. I learned a lot and I’m using my Task list every day – with your 1, 2, 3 system, watching the 1’s so I don’t carry many of those. I liked the learning set up, how you taught, doing the hands-on work from what we learned, and then chatting about it in the group coaching sections. So, thank you for teaching me new things that I can use now and take with me. If I have a question I may be calling you. Thank you for the continued support. You are great!!"

Dawn Stevens
Zentech Manufacturing

“I now look at my time as more of a precious commodity”

Stephanie Ranno

"Leslie and I worked together on the basics of her Productivity Training and Taskology system while I was Branch Manager at Profiles. Her personable and focused approach to Business Coaching on productivity not only helps to shift your mindset – I now look at my time as more of a precious commodity – but also allows you tips and tricks on day one that make your work day more efficient. I use a few of her MS Office tips multiple times a day to keep my goals in sight and my schedule up-to-date."

Stephanie Ranno, Vice President, Recruiting and Staffing
Human Capital Consultants

“extremely effective…”

Jane Sims

"The first thing I have to say is that after that day, […] it really looked like a completely different office. Not that all of the things weren’t still there that were there before, but what was especially helpful was having a system for my work in progress. It was extremely effective, because for that one day I was able to clear my schedule, not answer the phone and focus the entire day on getting these systems in place, making sure every task was in my task list and there were no interruptions, which really made for an effective day."

Jane Sims
Law Office of Jane Frankel Sims, LLC

“…I am a lot more on top of my game.”

"I’m in charge of a division at NASA headquarters that has a lot of different clients and we keep a lot of different balls in the air at the same time. So, I just was faced with multiple tasks in multiple stages of completion who were assigned to multiple people and I really needed a system to keep all that organized and to make sure that I was able to track all my tasks and those of my people to their completion.

[The results were] a radical departure from how things were before I started working with Productive Day. The office has gone from being a completely cluttered mess, covered with paper on every available horizontal surface, to something that I can actually say I’m pretty proud of.

It’s organized and gives the impression of somebody who is on top of his game. More than just impression, I am a lot more on top of my game, thanks to the tips I’ve learned. I find myself with far fewer emails in my Inbox because I dispatch them immediately and I’ve even taken that approach beyond e-mail to the other actions that come in my life."

Kent Bress, Exploration Systems & Aeronautics Research Division Director

“I am just astonished at how much this program is helping me in all areas of my business and personal life. I truly hadn’t realized how out of control my world had become.”

Rust, Cyd

"Hi Leslie,

I decided to upgrade my very old Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2010. Holy Cow Batman! I feel like I am sitting in the pilot’s seat of an airplane. I LOVE it! And I am already starting to understand how wonderful going paperless can be. I work better when there isn’t clutter, so this is amazing.

I also love the use of the Task list, both for keeping me on track and for ideas. I have used paper lists for years, having taken a seminar when I was young that said you were something like 70% more time efficient if you used lists. But this…an electronic list on my computer and that travels with me on my phone! This is awesome. Thank you for showing me how to use this in a simple and effective way.

I am just astonished at how much this program is helping me in all areas of my business and personal life. I truly hadn’t realized how out of control my world had become.

The farther I got into the Taskology™ Boot camp Course, the more I began to realize just why I had been feeling so overwhelmed! Your systematic approach to working through both electronic and paper files was definitely what I needed. I had reached that point, where you become so over burdened, you just don’t do anything because you don’t know where to start. Add to that the extra little issue of having an in-home office as well as an art studio – both in total chaos – and I shut down. I truly believe if I hadn’t done the Taskology™ Boot Camp, I probably would still not be back in the studio.

I cleared most of the clutter, and am realizing this is a process. The more I clear…the more I WANT to clear. (um, is this normal? Or a little Obsessive-Compulsive? Either way I am loving it!) I am feeling not only back in control of my life, but perhaps even more empowered in every aspect than I have ever been. It is like the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders along with the clutter.

If someone had told me this course could change my life so incredibly, there is no way I would have believed them. The next time my son visits he isn’t going to believe this is my office. Thank you so very much for your help!"

Cyd Rust, Artist

“I was so inspired after reviewing my notes from past/present that I cut down the e-mails in my current Inbox from 1,200 to under 300 now!”

Thomas Shou

"Dear Leslie,

Just wanted to say THANKS for throwing your “Getting Out of E-mail Jail” tele-class again….since I found myself behind bars again, since your last webinar! It was a great reminder of what you taught in the past, my guru-ess! I was so inspired after reviewing my notes from past/present that I cut down the e-mails in my current Inbox from 1,200 to under 300 now! Feels much better, thanks!

You’re the best and keep up the good work!"

Thomas I. Shou, Principal/Sr. Chinese Translation Consultant
SinoTrans International

“I am now able to be more productive at work… and more relaxed when at play.”

Sharon Keys Seal

"I had the pleasure of having Leslie into my office for a day of focus on how to be more effective in using my Outlook to manage tasks. Using the Task list has changed the way I approach my work as a sole practitioner. I no longer juggle everything in my head, keep endless hand-written “To Do” lists, and feel I’m drowning in paper and post-it notes. Now, I just load all tasks into my Outlook. It frees my mind to focus on projects in bite-sized pieces, prioritize my work, and spread work throughout the week/month so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. My desk is clean and neat. I am now able to be more productive at work…and more relaxed when at play. One of my concerns was that Leslie (who is a force of nature) would “make” me do things. Instead, she listened and sought to understand how my mind works, then helped me create a system that incorporates her wealth of experience and my thinking processes. If you want to use your energy for creative and productive work, instead of chasing paper all day, I recommend you give Leslie a call."

Sharon Keys Seal, PCC - President
Coaching Concepts, Inc.

“I’ve found more time in my life – I’m no longer playing catch-up or feeling overwhelmed.”

Kovalakides, Christina

"I just wanted to drop a “quick” note to you… a very BIG THANK YOU!! The time I spent with you almost 20 months ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long already), was exactly what I needed in my life!!! I am amazed at how things have changed since I met with you.

I am handling the accounting of two companies with little to no stress and feel on TOP of everything – I’m no longer playing “catch-up” or feeling overwhelmed. I can also think ahead, be proactive and work on improving processes in my department. I’ve “found” more time in my life and it is something I so desperately needed!! I’m able to take vacations and RELAX without a worry of what’s waiting for me!

With my task list still updated daily, I am able to keep things flowing smoothly and distributing my workload evenly! It’s so helpful! My emails are still always cleared every day, and so is my desk. People still make comments to me about not having enough work to do. If they ever saw my “list of things to do”, they would be completely shocked!

Not only did I organize my work life, I’ve organized my home life too. I have de-cluttered almost every room and closet in my house and I cleared out my garage – which was filled with stuff from my basement. I ended up with over 50(!) boxes/bags that I gave away to the National Children’s Center. I didn’t realize I had that much stuff to get rid of until it was sitting out in my driveway to be picked up!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again and let you know what an impact it made on me, both professionally and personally!! :)"

Christine Kovalakides, Controller
Production Management Group

“…I feel so much more in control of my day.”

"Before I worked with Leslie, I was feeling frustrated, stressed, anxious and tired. I was tired of looking for things, tired of getting too many interruptions and overwhelmed with everything I needed to do and how to prioritize it all.

Now, I feel so great coming into my office every morning! I have little or no paper on my desk, I know where everything is, I’m getting fewer interruptions and I love my new Task list in Outlook. It allows me to add tasks, reminders and even e-mails, so I feel much more in control of my day. I’m more focused and clear on what I need to do, plus I’m delegating more and making others in the company more accountable, too. And my empty Inbox is wonderful! I had a couple thousand e-mails in my Inbox and now they’re all gone. It’s all so manageable now. I love that I have a place to put everything I want to keep and I can easily let go of things I don’t need. Leslie really is a fantastic productivity consultant – she’s knowledgeable, patient and very professional. I’d recommend her services and her system for anyone who wants to manage their work day more easily. I feel so much better!"

Gerri Boyd, Manager
Jim Boyd’s Flooring America

“I love Taskology® because it’s adaptable for g-mail/Google, which is the system I use.”

Stefanie Frank

"I love Taskology® because it’s adaptable for g-mail/Google, which is the system I use. Google is notorious for having an anemic tasks feature and it’s TRUE. As I started to use Taskology® I knew I needed something better. So I added the Better Google Tasks extension to my Chrome browser and voila!

I can process my e-mails the Taskology® way! It’s so easy to (a) protect time to go through my emails, (b) add emails directly into my task list and (c) construct the subject lines exactly how Leslie recommends. There is also a Notes section and the ability to have multiple lists, which is important when using the Taskology® system. I LOVE Taskology®!"

Stefanie Frank, Content Marketing Consultant
Stefanie Frank Consulting

“I have seen a much larger increase in my sales production since we did the program.”

"I think with the tele-course, what you were able to do is to have us look at our desks privately, because we are all on our phones, together, in our own individual offices, and to actually say, okay, what can I do here, differently, that’s going to help me gain more time in my day? I thought it was great. The sessions were not long, which is great, and I found that every time we met there was something I took away from it. So, I looked forward to the next one.

From the actual physical desk and the physical paper we went into Outlook and also the day we manage our electronic files and it was immediate for me and all the reps, it seemed like, that we were able to say, wow, this really is a much more effective way to put things together in a logical format and be able to recall stuff much more quickly.

Before, I used to manage my tasks in my Inbox and it was never designed for that, but I was never taught by anybody how to do it otherwise. In fact, before I met you, I never knew what the task list was even for. But now, I find it to be indispensable. I cannot live without it, actually.

The key is that I can make better decisions with what I’m doing with my time. That is really the truth. I have found that my day is more directed. I’m able to follow up with more people and with the right people than before. I have seen a much larger increase in my sales production since we did the program. Now it’s difficult to say it was caused by this or some other factor, but I have to say that I can document that I have been making more follow-up calls to more clients and you have to assume that is leading to more sales."

Brian MacLean, Sales Executive

“…a computer based to-do list and calendar system has been, well, life changing.”


"Leslie, thank you so much for your great coaching! As you know I came to you with a lot to juggle: art, work, yoga, family, friends and the list goes on! I was so overwhelmed with my to-do list that I wasn’t sleeping at night. In order to fit all the things in my life that are important to me, I had to seriously take a look at how I was spending my time. Your gentle encouragement to switch to a computer based to-do list and calendar system has been, well, life changing.

I appreciate that we have organized my papers, my to-do list, my commitments, and my free time. I feel very prepared for each day, and I no longer stay up at night repeating over and over… what did I forget to do today, don’t forget to do tomorrow…..

Leslie, there is only one big problem? What to do with my planners? I have literally dozens of planners, note pads, etc…. Yes, of course I’m addicted to paper! That makes the fact that you’ve converted me even more amazing. So, what to do with all those planners? I’m going to use them for art journaling of course (don’t worry, Levenger, you’re stock price isn’t going to drop!)"

Angie Bounds, Artist

“…enormous rewards in helping my staff and I to remain focused, prioritized and organized.”

"Several years ago I engaged Leslie Shreve to help our business organize and prioritize. A few hours of on-premises consulting and assistance has paid enormous rewards in helping my staff and I to remain focused, prioritized and organized. While I already was somewhat of a power user of Microsoft Outlook, with Leslie’s assistance I unlocked more of its capabilities to remain task-focused, prioritized and undistracted. I would recommend Leslie’s professional services to any business owner or manager beset with an inundation of paper, electronic messages, and its consequence of missed opportunities."

Mark W. Eisner, President
Advanced Land and Water, Inc.

“…I now have control of my day.”

Alford, Bill

"I can’t thank you enough for all of the useful information and processes that you have shared with me that allow me to be more productive. I have spent many mornings waking up to the thoughts of what I needed to do or what not to forget. I had many different note pads and was trying to manage my day by filing emails in folders in my Outlook or just by trying to keep everything in my mind. With your system along with the many methods that were shared I now have control of my day. I can leave at the end of the day and know that there were many things accomplished and feel good that the most important tasks for that day were taken care of. Thank You So Much!"

Bill Alford, General Manager, Transportation
Carroll Independent Fuel Company

“Wow, what a great feeling…”

Phelps, Ben

"Wow, what a great feeling to be headed down an organized path! After just one day with Leslie, I was able to delete over 300 emails, as well as countless Outlook folders that just weren’t necessary. My task list has now replaced my in-box, making it nearly impossible to forget the day to day items that need attention. Given the current state of the economy it is so critical to capitalize on every opportunity, and using Leslie’s techniques I am able to devote a lot more time to my job."

Benjamin H. Phelps, Transportation Manager
Carroll Independent Fuel Company

Benjamin H. Phelps, Transportation Manager
Carroll Independent Fuel Company

“Leslie’s program was well defined and easy to follow…”

Phelps, Howard

"I have been a Vistage member for seven years. My chair recommended Leslie’s services during one of my monthly 1:1 meetings after an in-depth discussion regarding my battle with prioritization and juggling simultaneous projects. The business sector during this recession has been challenging and it is critical to be efficient and not drop the ball.

Our company is a 103-year-old petroleum and HVAC family held corporation with hopes to take advantage of the opportunities available during these tough economic times. My plate was full and running over with a variety of projects. I was struggling and placed a call to Leslie Shreve.

Leslie’s program was well defined and easy to follow. I adapted my daily work habits to fully utilize Microsoft Outlook, which previously I only used a fraction of what was available. My paper and electronic files were cleaned up, the Task list was created and I found myself with a clean desk top and the ability to empty my e-mail In-box daily. Leslie’s program has enabled me to accurately track a broad range of responsibilities and initiatives that are both long range and immediate.

I highly recommend Leslie Shreve for those executives who need to stay on top of very busy and demanding workloads. Leslie has given me the tools to stay organized, be accurate, grow my business and succeed."

Howard Phelps, Executive Vice President
Carroll Independent Fuel Company

“…money well spent…”

"Sometimes you have to learn things the hard way… I just wanted to share with you a lesson learned that won’t soon be forgotten. After the completion of my sessions with Leslie, I was so pleased with the new systems in place. My area was organized, I was committed, and it was working perfectly for me. I felt renewed and the timing was good because I was entering into the next three busiest months of my year.

Then it happened…my work load increased along with being given additional responsibilities that required completion under tight deadlines. Of course, it happened while I was planning an important annual event! I was so busy that I slipped back into my old routine. I deviated from the trusted systems that we put into place, and it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was failing without them.

I quickly transitioned all the details into my tasks, reorganized, and immediately began maintaining the systems Leslie and I created. It was easy to transition back to these systems and it taught me that they can make my daily routines more efficient and my busiest months less stressful. Whew! That was close.

I’m so grateful to have learned so much from Leslie’s experience, but more importantly, I’m convinced that the new system helps me to be a valuable employee. I can manage more effectively and help my employees to be more efficient as well. This is the reason I wanted to work with Leslie in the first place. I’m certain the management of our company feels it was money well spent. Now I can spend more of my time finding ways to benefit our company which is the most important thing I do each day.

Thank you!"

Michelle Poisal, Office Manager
Production Management Group

“It’s a good feeling!”

Kovalakides, Christina

"I’ve definitely kept up with everything you’ve taught me! My desk is still clear, my inbox empty and my task list is up-to-date!! It is spilling over into my home too… I did a lot of “de-cluttering” this weekend. I knew I “had it in me”, but I didn’t know all the tools to get there. Plus, I needed someone to take me away from everything else so I could focus on it!! It’s a good feeling!"

Christine Kovalakides, Controller
Production Management Group

“…the work we did made my performance better than it was.”

"When I look back at what we accomplished in our work, I’m most pleased with three things:

  1. Switching to Outlook for all my calendar and task tracking. This frees me from having to use any particular telephone or PDA and allows me more flexibility in managing my tasks. I can now track my tasks and keep them updated much better.
  2. The keeping of my tasks to a manageable amount per day. I can now see that if I want to get larger goals accomplished, I have to make time for them in my task list.
  3. The confirmation that my basic approach to managing time and organizing my days is on solid footing. I may not do everything all the time, but before, I had no idea how anyone else did it or what the ‘state of the art’ was. Interacting with you gave me that information and more certainty that I was on track. And then the work we did made my performance better than it was."

Don Malnati, Partner
Murillo/Malnati Group, LLC – Renovations Unlimited, Inc.

“…a better way to operate. A better way to seize the day.”

"One of the things you hear all the time is that everyone is different. Well, it’s true, but it doesn’t mean we ‘all’ can’t do better. Different was my excuse for stacks of unread reading, memos long ago read and never filed, spreadsheets studied and printed out and then kept on the table in case I had an epiphany.

Yes, that was what I think I thought all this mess was doing; it was keeping the door open to possibilities that might arise from just being within reach. And there was always more to do than there was time in the day and I always went to sleep knowing that I had worked a hard day’s work and would wake up to much more ‘to do’. I had sold myself on things that were wrong, inefficient, draining and slowing down my productivity.

I’ve got to tell you that I feel different today, that I have refocused my desk, my work approach, the stacks around my ‘reading chair’ and soon my office at home. Guess what? I had that epiphany , but it wasn’t in those piles. It was about those piles and I can thank Leslie for reaching me finally with a better way to operate, a better way to seize the day."

Bob McEwen, CEO
MedBank of Maryland, Inc.

“I feel more confident about myself and my productivity.”

"I spent so much time before handling the same paperwork and not cleaning out my “In” box. We got rid of the ‘In’ box, which forces me to do something immediately with stuff that is put on my desk. On the computer we developed a better way of storing both e-mail and computer files, which now makes it easier to manage. I can also manage my priorities better now. What I found particularly helpful about Leslie was that she organized based on what my needs and desires were. Her experience was also helpful because she has been in many different types of environments and was able to suggest some helpful tips. Leslie did a great job. I feel more confident about myself and my productivity."

Barbara Benham, Director of Service Administration
Wittenbach Business Systems

“I feel like I have a secret that is enabling me to perform better and more efficiently than anyone I know.”

"I would describe the process as eye opening to say the least. I feel like I have a secret that is enabling me to perform better and more efficiently than anyone I know. It is very exciting to feel in control and not out of control! Recently, we have had staffing issues so instead of replacing a customer service representative I have been given an additional 30 accounts to service. There is no way I would be able to consider such an increase in volume of accounts if it was not for the techniques taught to me by Leslie."

Diane Via, Commercial Lines Manager/Licensed Insurance Agent
Bruce F. Grau & Associates, Inc.

“This is immensely valuable advice.”

"Thanks for patiently working with me to get my mountain of e-mails under control. This is immensely valuable advice. My desk grows lighter and my workload more manageable after each meeting."

Lonnie Power, National Sales Manager
NKK Switches

“…something I can really stick with.”

"Leslie, thank you so much for helping me overcome the clutter. I truly feel the systematic way of organizing my office, computer, files, etc. is something I can really stick with. I’ve been to more than a few “How to Get Organized” seminars over the years. None have left me as energized as you have. Thanks again."

Thomas C. Myers, Senior Vice President
Farmers & Merchants Bank

“I love it!”

"Leslie comes in, reviews your job, your needs and your current systems and then works hand-in-hand with you to create customized solutions to your organizing problems. I feel like I can take on more and more complex tasks and projects and not worry as much about managing them. I love it! I am getting into the habit of using my task list to drive my day and that improves every day. I am using my task list effectively, actually FILING papers, organizing my computer files, and deleting e-mails that I don’t actually need."

Elizabeth Early, Business Development Manager
Asher Training, Inc.

Elizabeth Early, Business Development Manager
Asher Training, Inc.

“…makes me feel more efficient and confident…”

"Leslie and I were able to clear workspace, prioritize workload, organize file space and revamp intra-office communications to work more efficiently, quickly and productively. The new organization makes me feel more efficient and confident in my abilities to manage my caseload and responsibilities. My objectives were decidedly met."

Susan Eisner, Executive V.P. / Corporate Counsel
Advanced Land and Water, Inc.

“I’m swept away by a deep sense of relief.”

"Leslie got me to do in four hours what I’ve avoided doing for eight years. Leslie helped me become the organizational standard for the office by educating and empowering me. I now have a clutter free work environment, an organized “at my fingertips” filing system and a daily efficient workflow process that’s tailored to my schedule and favorite work times and habits. My goal was to “clean up a little” and that goal was blown away. Instead of my paperwork being a barrier to growing my business, clients have a sense that I’m right on top of things because I have such quick and easy access to the information I need and the time to get right back to them. I’m swept by a deep sense of relief."

Tony Guerra, Realtor
Remax Homesearch

“…money well spent and the best and highest use of my time working with you…”

Wright, Kate

When colleagues and clients comment on my office and organization skills (which they often do), I tell them all about my experience with Leslie and that how no matter what their expectations may be about how you would be able to help them, they will never be ready for the changes that you will make in their productivity and even their every day thinking. I truly believe that you are the best at what you do and I would highly recommend you to anyone that I think might be able to use your services. It was money well spent and the best and highest use of my time working with you and I thank you very much for everything.

Kate Wright, President
Wright Financial Group, LLC

“I have the time to do more strategic things…”

"There is no monkey on my back anymore telling me I’m not getting things accomplished. The organization makes me feel like we are projecting a successful and well managed image. A foundation is in place now that allows me to refocus my attention and accomplish my tasks no matter how many times I am interrupted throughout the day. Leads are followed up on more quickly and I have the time to do more strategic things, more evaluation of results and I am less reactive and more proactive with how I manage my tasks and my time."

Stephanie Jameson, Registered Agent/Owner
Stephanie Jameson Insurance Agency

“…I can breathe…a big weight has been lifted.”

"I have a system in place to help me to be more productive and less frustrated. The organization makes me feel like I can breathe; like a big weight has been lifted. It has become easier to decide what needs immediate attention and what can wait, allowing me to prioritize my workload to become more productive. With the “piles” gone I am more able to focus on the most important tasks at hand. Leslie quickly honed in on my personality type and how to integrate my style into a workable organization plan to suit me."

Katy Harrold, Branch V.P.
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

“I feel like I have more control…
I no longer feel like I am system-less.”

Wendy Urquhardt

"The process Leslie offers is very consultative. She asks questions to find where your “pain” is and offers practical, immediate solutions in a non-judgmental way. The folder/paperwork (tangible) organization gives the client immediate results they can see which then makes them want to move to the electronic organization. Since working with Leslie, I feel like I have control over my office and computer, when before they “controlled” me. I no longer feel like I am “system-less.” I think the process is very effective."

Wendy Urquhart, Vice President, Operations
Asher Training & US China Business Solutions

Ready to get started?

If so, the next step is filling out the Productive Day Survey. It’s a short survey, but it will tell me a little about you and your work day, including what’s working for you, what’s not working for you and what kind of results you’d like to see as a result of learning Taskology®.

When you complete this short Survey, you’ll get one of my Special Reports as a gift from me. You can only get it here, so get ready for The Answer. This is IT. The one thing you can do now to be more productive than ever before. Stop guessing and get The Answer today, just for filling out the Survey.

Taskology® will help you create your most productive work day EVER, so make today the day you take action. I look forward to finding out more about you and how I can contribute to your success!

Leslie Shreve

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