The Only Productivity System You’ll Ever Need.

Do you ever have one of those days when you’re totally working “in the zone?” You’re focused? You’re decisive? You’re on?

And, by the end of the day, you’ve accomplished more than you have in the last week… or perhaps even more than you have in the last… month?

It feels amazing doesn’t it?

Now…imagine having that same level of productivity and sense of accomplishment every single day.

How would your career – or your life – be different? What would you be able to achieve? How would you spend your new-found time? How would you FEEL?

If what you’re imagining feels GREAT then I’m really glad you found this page. The above scenario is not a pipe dream. It’s possible. True productivity can be achieved – even in the reality of today’s busy workdays.




Professionals in every industry and type of job
are feeling more pressure than ever before.

Most people are still trying to manage their work day with the same, old, out-dated “time management” tools developed a LONG time ago when workdays were different.

Consider your own workday.

  • Are you sick and tired of creating endless to-do lists?
  • Are you lacking a sense of accomplishment and progress at the end of each day?
  • Do you ever wonder why you’re working so hard… putting in longer hours, never turning off the cell phone — let alone take a vacation or a sick day (even when you ought to) — and yet you’re still falling behind?


It’s sad to see so many overwhelmed professionals continue to run on the “hamster wheel,” scurrying in circles, trying some new tip or buying a fancy (read: expensive) gizmo or downloading the latest mobile app that promises to be the Holy Grail of getting organized or being more productive.

“This has GOT to be it!” they think.

But then, before long, events take over and old familiar habits settle in again. The email Inbox builds up. Desks collect piles of paper and files. And to-do lists are jotted down in a million different places.

Why? Because even good tools can’t work by themselves.


You Need a Complete System.

With Taskology® – a time-tested, proven system – you’ll discover how to transform your workday so you can enjoy more clarity, confidence and control by…

  • Converting what’s not working into systems and processes that move you into a new, more rewarding and satisfying direction.
  • Discovering the secrets to achieving your goals through daily planning, prioritizing, and decisive action.
  • Learning how to focus on the right things at the right times and get the results you want.


Binder, Reports, and CDs


“…I now have control of my day.”

Alford, Bill

"I can’t thank you enough for all of the useful information and processes that you have shared with me that allow me to be more productive. I have spent many mornings waking up to the thoughts of what I needed to do or what not to forget. I had many different note pads and was trying to manage my day by filing emails in folders in my Outlook or just by trying to keep everything in my mind. With your system along with the many methods that were shared I now have control of my day. I can leave at the end of the day and know that there were many things accomplished and feel good that the most important tasks for that day were taken care of. Thank You So Much!"

Bill Alford, General Manager, Transportation
Carroll Independent Fuel Company

“I am able to save at least 1 hour per day…”

Mike Goodhues

"Leslie will change the way you think about time, tasks, and managing the information necessary to do your job. She will provide a road map to organize and focus your work that will lead to marked improvements in your focus, your productivity, and ultimately your job performance. I am thinking about my time more strategically, like it is a commodity that needs to be managed more effectively. I feel much more in control of my workload and in my professional life. I am able to save at least 1 hour per day and direct it to more productive, higher level uses, such as management and leadership."

Mike Goodhues, Chief Information Officer
Baltimore County Public Schools

“Leslie will revolutionize the way you use your Outlook software…”

Bradbury, Amy

"I feel much more in charge of my life in general in and out of the office…I think my clients are definitely more satisfied. Leslie will revolutionize the way you use your Outlook software. She gives the tough love you need to force yourself to break out from your non-productive, disorganized box!"

Amy Bradbury, Founder
Mosaic Business Solutions


Component #1:
Task Management and Task Management in Microsoft Outlook®

HOW you work is just as important as DOING your work. In Component 1, you’ll learn the entire start-to-finish Taskology Task Management process — all the secrets, strategies, and processes to help you manage EVERYTHING you need to do, have to do, or want to do. Here’s exactly what you’re going to discover…

  • How to become far more productive than 90% of professionals and business owners working today.
  • The best way to create a foolproof, trusted Task Management system that captures EVERYTHING in one place .
  • Exactly how to configure and use the Taskology® Task List tool so it’s simple, straightforward and easy to maintain and, most importantly, gives you visibility into the information you need in a way that’s actually useful.
  • The 7 essential elements of creating a new task using Microsoft Outlook®…skip even one, and you’ll cost yourself time.
  • All the places your to-dos are currently hiding from you — and an effortless, three-step process to hunt them down.
  • A simple — yet incredibly powerful — method for creating your tasks so they’re meaningful and doable.
  • Surprising tricks and tools you can use with Microsoft Outlook® Tasks to save you precious time every day.
  • Tactics for prioritizing and re-prioritizing, plus setting realistic expectations about how much to put on your plate each day.
  • Strategies to help you avoid the most common task-management pitfalls, like “pending” actions, dependent tasks and procrastination.
  • What to do with ideas, meeting notes, delegated tasks and other items so that you never lose “brainpower” again!
  • The simple mindset shifts you can make that will skyrocket your productivity.


“I love Taskology® because it’s adaptable for g-mail/Google, which is the system I use.”

Stefanie Frank

"I love Taskology® because it’s adaptable for g-mail/Google, which is the system I use. Google is notorious for having an anemic tasks feature and it’s TRUE. As I started to use Taskology® I knew I needed something better. So I added the Better Google Tasks extension to my Chrome browser and voila!

I can process my e-mails the Taskology® way! It’s so easy to (a) protect time to go through my emails, (b) add emails directly into my task list and (c) construct the subject lines exactly how Leslie recommends. There is also a Notes section and the ability to have multiple lists, which is important when using the Taskology® system. I LOVE Taskology®!"

Stefanie Frank, Content Marketing Consultant
Stefanie Frank Consulting

“I’m definitely accomplishing more tasks in less time…”

Silverberg, Alan

"It’s amazing to be able to keep one task on my desk at a time, which enables me to clear my desk at the end of each day and gives me the distinct pleasure of walking in to a clear desk in the morning. The biggest shift for me was to discover the effectiveness of “tasking” everything in Outlook, allowing me to clear out my Inbox, my desk, and anywhere else the enormous volumes of daily information happened to come to rest. I’m definitely accomplishing more tasks in less time and monitoring tasks more carefully."

Alan Silverberg, Attorney/Partner
Summerfield, Willen, Silverberg & Limsky, LLC


Component #2: Getting Organized

Office desk with flowers

In Component 2, you’ll learn what every busy professional needs to know about how to get and stay organized… for good! You’ll learn how to organize everything in your office so you can stop wasting time and energy looking for things. Keep your progress moving forward  – with everything you need at your fingertips – and enjoy less stress and more focus on what you really want to do.

You’ll also discover:

  • A step-by-step process for organizing file cabinets, bookshelves, credenzas, desks and anywhere “stuff” accumulates.
  • A decision-making process for what to keep and what to toss.
  • 12 simple steps (plus templates) to create the best file system you’ve ever used.
  • A complete, proven system for managing the flow of information into and out of your office.
  • How and where to start organizing when you’re ready to begin.
  • What it means to create reliable systems for storing and processing information.
  • What to do with reading materials you want to read (but never seem to find the time!)
  • Why the “touch it once” rule falls short of truly helping you to stay organized and productive and what to do instead.
  • The questions to ask when reviewing papers and files so you can figure out what to keep and where to put it.
  • 10 quick tips to keep your files easy to use and easy to maintain.
  • How to consolidate and categorize your files in the best way.
  • Strategies to help you maintain organization permanently.


Component #3: Time and Calendar Management

You’re not alone if you’ve felt, or are feeling, as though no matter what you do, you are never able to “catch up.”

The fact is, everyone gets exactly the same amount of time in a day, yet some professionals accomplish infinitely more than others. If you want to be in this group, you’ll want to pay special attention to my proven strategies for maximizing every minute of every day.

In Component 3, I share the same strategies I’ve shared with my clients over the years. They go from perpetually rushing from one thing to the next, always feeling frantic and one step behind, to experiencing the joy and security of being confidently in command of their day. They’re able to be on time with their appointments and projects, all while feeling calm, relaxed and focused.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Be honest with yourself about how you’re choosing to spend your time.
  • Overcome detrimental mindsets, limiting beliefs, old habits and damaging routines.
  • Be more decisive about time, information and commitments you make.
  • Best use your calendar to manage your time more effectively (and why it’s finally time to say good-bye forever to using an old-fashioned daily planner ).
  • Implement 4 time-tested strategies for getting and keeping more time in your work day for what you want to do.
  • Avoid the seemingly relentless stream of daily distractions and interruptions .
  • Conquer perfectionism and procrastination , once and for all.
  • Delegate effectively so it doesn’t take you more time in the end.
  • Use your Outlook Calendar (or any similar e-calendar) in the best way — so it’s both structured and flexible — to truly make the most of your day… every day.


“I feel like I have a secret that is enabling me to perform better and more efficiently than anyone I know.”

"I would describe the process as eye opening to say the least. I feel like I have a secret that is enabling me to perform better and more efficiently than anyone I know. It is very exciting to feel in control and not out of control! Recently, we have had staffing issues so instead of replacing a customer service representative I have been given an additional 30 accounts to service. There is no way I would be able to consider such an increase in volume of accounts if it was not for the techniques taught to me by Leslie."

Diane Via, Commercial Lines Manager/Licensed Insurance Agent
Bruce F. Grau & Associates, Inc.


Component #4: Electronic Document and File Management

Do you lose time in your day because you can’t remember how you named a particular document? Or do you use the “Search” or “Find” function on your computer multiple times each day in order to locate something you need?

If the answer is “yes” to either of these questions, it’s time to clear the electronic clutter, organize your e-documents, and reclaim dozens of hours of your precious time – time you can use for much more productive purposes.

Here’s what you’ll discover in Component 4:

  • Two common e-document management practices that need to stop RIGHT NOW!
  • One seemingly too-easy-to-be-true change you can make right away in how you find things stored on your computer that will instantly save you time and frustration.
  • The best way to organize your electronic documents and file folders so you never have to think about where to put something or find it later.
  • Where and how to start taking back control, even if you already have hundreds or even thousands of documents and files saved to your computer.
  • The smartest way to organize your electronic files if you use one computer for both business and personal needs.
  • The most effective ways to name folders, documents and files so they’re consistent and easy to remember.
  • Simple e-document management tricks you can implement that add up to massive amounts of “found” time .


Component #5: Email Management and Processing

Email inboxes were not designed to be filing cabinets, nor were they supposed to be effective reminder tools, and yet… it’s still not uncommon for busy professionals to have hundreds or thousands of emails in their inboxes dating back months… or even years!

If you can relate to this scenario, then it’s time for a change. It’s time to stop living from your Inbox and allow yourself to move forward and focus on your most important priorities. Here’s a chance to apply a proven, easy-to-use method for email management and processing.

By implementing Component 5, you can get your inbox to ZERO every day. In addition, you’ll learn:

  • The trusted systems you’ll want to have in place FIRST so that tackling your inbox is a breeze, no matter how many e-mails you receive each day.
  • Two common keyboard tricks that will easily help you quickly and efficiently move e-mails exactly where they should and need to go.
  • Why filing e-mails in Outlook sub-folders doesn’t mean they’re in the right place. (Hint: they’re usually not!)
  • The BIG difference between temporary and permanent e-mail storage… and when to use each.
  • The very best use of your e-mail folders to maximize your time and save your sanity.
  • Four steps to sorting and simplifying your e-mail messages so you can stay on top of them day to day instead of having to play catch up later.
  • Two shockingly simple steps to successfully keeping your inbox empty , or at least close to it, every single day.


“Leslie was able to make the Outlook system more user-friendly…”

Hutchinson, Tom

"I feel a lot more focused as a result of working with Leslie. I have seen improved productivity and, more importantly, I have less stress worrying about what was lost in my inbox that I did not know was due. I have been able to go from nearly 3,000 e-mails in my Inbox to less than 100 per day or less on a consistent basis. Leslie was able to make the Outlook system more user-friendly so that I can be more productive in my work day."

Tom Hutchinson, Senior Vice President
Healthstream, Inc.


When you receive your copy of Taskology® you’ll get…

  • Eight (8) AUDIO CDs
    For busy professionals always on the go, you can listen to these CDs wherever you are and learn everything you need to know.
  • Step-by-Step Learning Modules
    This is ALL the information from each of the five components of Taskology®. Each component is clearly divided into sections so that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, when you want it.
  • A Flow Chart Poster for Decision Making
    This flowchart will help you make decisions and process ALL of the physical information that enters your office and your work day so it’s simple to keep everything moving forward.
  • The Taskology® Blueprint Poster
    This 11×17-inch full-color poster outlines EVERYTHING you’ll learn in the Taskology® system in one simple diagram.

But WAIT! There’s more…

You’ll also receive the Taskology® POWER PACK: A collection of more than 50 pages of success tools, including exercises, worksheets, flow charts, step-by-step guides, illustrations, diagrams, tip sheets and more.

Valued at more than $250, this Power Pack leaves no detail to chance. These hands-on, practical and proven success resources allow you to take what you’ve learned and put it into ACTION and achieve ultimate work day productivity!


Make More Progress Now.

Taskology® works. It works for busy leaders, executives and professionals just like you. It has transformed individuals who are totally overwhelmed into take-charge professionals who have more clarity, confidence and control than ever before – and a LOT more time.

When I consult individually with clients they invest thousands of dollars to learn Taskology® with personal guidance from me, but I want to get this system into YOUR hands for a lot LESS. Why? Because it has dramatically changed the way professionals think about getting things done and what it means to be truly productive. And it can change YOUR level of productivity, too, when you apply the lessons and strategies you’ll learn.

I feel very strongly that Taskology® should be shared with as many people as possible. Quite frankly, we’re facing an epidemic of stress and burn-out — and I know this information can help.


“The strategies you’ll learn in Taskology® are the EXACT same ones I use on a daily basis to run my business, and they’re the EXACT same strategies I teach my individual clients every day – and have been for more than 12 years.”


By now I’m sure you’re ready to reserve your own copy of Taskology®, right? But if you’re still undecided, let’s take a look at a few other things that you could spend this money on instead.

  • You could buy more books full of concepts about how to be efficient or save time, but you could dig into it and still not glean enough from it to truly change your level of workday productivity.
  • You could enroll in another course that teaches you how to get more fulfillment out of life, only to have it turn into another event where you listen to everyone else’s problems.
  • You could buy a ticket to another live seminar where you get to eat fancy finger food and mingle with other people complaining about how busy they are, but leave at the end questioning what you got out of it.

In reality, all these options really only teach you bits and pieces — tactics that don’t give you the BIG picture, end-to-end, start to finish.

But with Taskology® you’ll get EVERYTHING you need to be productive.
It’s all laid out for you in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step SYSTEM
you can implement and get results immediately.

There is NOTHING else out there like Taskology®. I’m so sure you will increase your productivity, reduce your stress, have more free time and achieve greater success in your work day that I’m putting my money where my mouth is and I’m offering…

“My Personal Guarantee!”

I’m 100% confident that Taskology® will be the most useful and complete productivity system you’ve ever implemented. When you take the recommended steps, you’ll see results right away.

But if for some reason Taskology® doesn’t meet with your expectations, I can offer the following:

For Binder purchases: please return the binder to me, complete and in resalable condition, and request a prompt refund up to 30 days from your purchase minus a modest $25 administrative and processing fee for your initial purchase and subsequent return.

For Digital purchases: I will give you an equivalent CREDIT equal to the value of your purchase to use on any product, program or service offered by Productive Day® . Please note that since the Digital Download version of Taskology® is a completely digital product, no refunds can be granted — as there is no way to ensure the information isn’t being distributed elsewhere or used as originally intended.

No reason needed and no questions asked. That’s our promise!

Binder, Reports, and CDs

The Taskology® Self Study Program

Binder Format

The Taskology® Self Study Program

Digital Format

I understand with my investment I will receive a package shipped to my door containing a binder with 5 learning modules, audio CDs, and all the great BONUSES you outlined above.

Which risk-free payment option would you like?

$697 (best deal)

2 payments of $380

Order online safely and securely. 100% secure, full encryption is being used.


I understand with my investment I will receive a digital version of Taskology I can download as 5 learning modules, MPs audios, and all the great BONUSES you outlined above.

Which risk-free payment option would you like?

$497 (best deal)

2 payments of $257

Order online safely and securely. 100% secure, full encryption is being used.



At such a low investment, you can’t afford to keep doing what you’ve always done. The Taskology® System is truly a must-have resource for every business professional out there. So don’t wait. Grab your copy today!

To your productivity and success!


P.S. – Resolving to work harder and harder is not the answer.

It’s time to finally put a STOP to the madness and utilize a simple, revolutionary and proven system to get more accomplished, use your time wisely, escape from e-mail jail and reach your goals. That’s exactly what you’ll achieve with Taskology®, but only if you take action now.

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